cubism and the blue period

August 28, 2015

One week of school almost down and many more to go!

For our art program, we are going through the Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists series and we are currently focusing on Pablo Picasso. This week we discussed his blue period and cubism, so we mixed the two together into one art project. We are using this book as a supplement; we’ve done parts of the book before, so we are going back and pulling project ideas from there.

To make this project, each girl painted her own portrait in blue. We discussed cubism and geometric shapes, and once their painting was dry, they cut it up into geometric shapes. Lastly, they used the shapes to recreate their face. I loved how each one turned out and I want to scan it and get it printed together into a large poster! My girls’ art is my favorite type of art to put up in our home.

This first week of homeschooling went fairly well. I think I had a better handle of math and the girls are excited about school. We have our new daily schedules taped up all over the house, which helps all of us stay on task. With the four kids, I have to keep things really organized, otherwise, we’d all lose our marbles!


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