our last aquarium visit

August 10, 2017

Earlier this summer, when it was just the little two (the big two were in Texas), we went to the Long Beach Aquarium one last time. Our annual passes were about to end, so I took them for one last visit. This visit was spent doing a lot of the touch activities; most of the time was spent with the rays and the moon jellies. Of course, we also did one last walk through throughout the whole place to say goodbye to the other sea animals. We loved learning so much about the ocean and its animals with each visit. Thanks for the memories Aquarium of the Pacific!

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  • Alyssa says:

    Oh my goodness! I just ran across this post and I love everything about it. Those big smiles in front of the jellies? Heart melting. We’d love to have you back anytime!

  • aww looks like a nice time that they had there. The aquarium nearest to us is over an hour away and is in one of the worst cities in the US (It was ranked the worst in the country a year or so ago, number five currently), so I have not been there in a few years. . . I did go to the city recently though to work on human trafficking issues there, which was also not easy on me, but easier than bringing my kids there. It is nice that you have a pass to go to a pretty aquarium on the opposite end of the world!!! Moon jellies are gorgeous.

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