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August 11, 2017

True and Brave have been getting in the kitchen more these days, and it’s something they are excited about and enjoy doing, so it’s a win-win for everyone. Since we homeschool, I feel like I’m in the kitchen constantly making breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Every year though, the girls get more and more involved, and these days, I rarely have to make them breakfast. Lunches are something they are starting to take care of too. Dinner, usually takes more prep, so it’s still an area I’m mostly in charge of. However, with something like Revolution Foods Dinner Hero kits, dinner prep is really easy for them to do, which makes it easier for me too. As they continue to learn how to be comfortable in the kitchen, it’s great to start them off with easy recipes. Thus, these dinner kits are user-friendly and perfect for kids learning in the kitchen. Basically, all you need to complete the kit is your protein of choice. The kids come in to be the hero and put it all together.

To start, True picked the Smoky Tomato Dinner Hero kit, and Brave picked out the Coconut Curry. Each box is only 4 servings, so with a family of 6 for dinner, we used two boxes. The girls were in charge of reading the directions, measuring, cutting vegetables (I did come in to assist with some here), and mixing everything together. The directions are laid out clearly, so it was easy for them to follow with little assistance from me. For two different boxes, it only took about an hour to prep both dishes, and added vegetable pairings, with both girls in the kitchen cooking. For the Smoky Tomato, we used red bell peppers and stuffed them with the couscous and sausage mixture. For the Coconut Curry, we added some bell peppers in, as well as a sweet potato side dish.

The meal came together so nicely. True and Brave were so excited about it and showing off to Ben how they made it. It was team work to get this great meal… the Dinner Hero kits and my own little heroes in tandem. Kits like this free me up a little bit more (and they also taste great, so it makes dinner decisions easier) and teaches them to follow directions and basic cooking skills.

My girls are cooking show-obsessed (remember, their Halloween story here?), so anytime they get to be the chef is a treat for them. They are eager to improve their cooking skills and they love mixing ingredients. I also notice that when they’re involved in the cooking, they are more excited to try what it is they made, so it’s a good way to expose them to new foods. They have a certain level of pride when they create a dish, and like to show off to the rest of the family what they created. While we ate together, they each gave us a play-by-play of how they put their dish together.

If you need a little help for breakfast and lunch, Revolution Foods have Breakfast Hero and Lunch Bundles too. I love to make meals from scratch because I like to know what is exactly going into my food, so we love the ease of these kits because they have no artificial flavors, and you get a simple and fresh meal. When family life gets busy, which is pretty much all the time, kits like these come in handy and can help save the day.

How do you hero when you need something quick and easy in the kitchen?

This post is in collaboration with Revolution FoodsAll opinions are my own, and I’m thankful for the support you give me, this space, and the brands I partner with.

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