friends and packages

June 9, 2011

Danni came over today and we caught up on life, chatted (nerd blog chatted), laughed, got frustrated together and ate a whole lot (and she played with the girls while I got some cleaning done). Something new I learned about Danni is she doesn’t like cheese on pizza! While homemade pizza was on the menu, her side didn’t have cheese.
It is always so fun to have a good friend who loves blogging like I do. I think we have blog speak. We both totally get the blog lingo and it feels like we have mutual friends all over the place when we talk about some blogs we both read. Makes me feel less blog nerdy!
And Danni brought me a yummy treat… I have been craving the bundt cakes from her wedding for, like, ever, and she brought me THREE!!! I want to gobble them up so fast, but at the same time, eat it all so slowly because I never want the yummy tummy goodness to end. Am I dramatic much?! Probably. But hey! I am pregnant after all. Thanks Mrs. Keith, we must do it again soon!!! And in true Danni fashion, the packaging must always be just as good as its contents.
danni brought me bundt cakedanni brought me bundt cakedanni brought me bundt cake
There was also another package awaiting me at the door from Ariel. She sent me something from her shop that I had favorited and yes… it is a maxi skirt! I am sure you will be seeing it soon.
brown paper packages.
I love things wrapped in brown paper and that tape was icing on the cake. I want to get me some of that pretty tape! Anyone know where?
Friends and packages are always such happy things! I ain’t gonna lie. I love getting packages in the mail! Love! Love! Love it!!! I get extra giddy opening up a box and wondering what is inside. Makes me feel like Christmas! Maybe that is why I prefer to shop online than at actual stores (and the fact that I love ebay and etsy way too much). Anyone else feel the same way?

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