family meals: week 70

April 20, 2014

black bean chiliblack bean chiliBlack Bean Chili and Chip Salad. Easy, yummy, and great for Dinner Club Thursdays. Thursday almost guarantees some sort of bean dish variety because it’s the most cost friendly and easy to whip up for a large group.

Week of 4/21 – 4/25
Monday: Ben’s on dinner duty
Tuesday: Soba Noodle Sesame Salad
Wednesday: Spaghetti and Meatballs
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: Disneyland!

Last week I cooked all week long, but Ben worked a few late nights, so evenings were really hectic for me and we didn’t have any family dinners together. Our time together at the dinner table is something I look forward to and we all chat about our day. The girls like to give us every single detail about their days that sometimes one girl takes 1 hour (with interruptions from the rest of the family) to tell her whole story. It’s hilarious!

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