April 19, 2014

true's roomI shared True’s side of the room and someone pointed out that this is True’s first gallery wall, really cute to think of it that way!

There was also a good discussion regarding blogs and sponsorships over on this post of Jenny’s. I’m not adverse to sponsorship, I’ve got a few coming up to share with you, one has to deal with Kroger (Ralph’s) another another Bing, and both have to do with little ways to save (or earn) money, which I’m all for, so I can get behind it and I’ll share more about it soon. So obviously, I work with sponsors from large companies to small indie ones, and I have no problem with it, and I really think long and hard about it before I take something on (and Ben and I always discuss it too). I enjoyed Jenny’s discussion on it, chimed in my own thoughts, liked reading other people’s thoughts, and I think it was something good to think through. I think she just said, in a very nice way, what many others are thinking but not saying, because if you aren’t rejoicing in the roses and magic in the blog world, some will label you a hater, which I don’t think is necessarily the case. It’s just always good to do heart-checks as a blogger and as a reader.

The blog world has definitely shifted patterns as blogs become real businesses and it can feel more competitive these days. I love blogging, and while sponsorships (or gifted items) from time to time are nice, my favorite thing about this whole online thing is some of the cool people I’ve met and been inspired from, the community I’ve been a part of, and the creative avenues I’ve been able to do because of my online presence. Hello, I wrote a book, and that probably wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t blog. Or write and photograph an article like this for a magazine, or even contribute projects for other magazines and sites, and all of this came because of blogging. It’s all insane in the best way and things I would have only dreamed of, so I’m really thankful for this avenue as it’s led to other things that I love doing.

Anyway, that’s my huzzah for the day. I’m thankful for this space and the fun I’ve had with it (and hope to continue to have with it), thankful for random opportunities that happen along the way, thankful for you guys who keep following along and get when I’m feeling crazy and also rejoice when I have good news to share. You guys are the bestest!


4 comments on “huzzah!”

  • Suuper says:

    Thank you for mentioning that discussion, it was kind of a big deal in the mommy blogging arena.

  • Denise says:

    There’s always good and not so good sides to everything we do in life, but the key ingredient is seeking Gods thoughts in the decisions and His blessing and He is the one we answer to. I love reading your blog and take great comfort from all your days from the crazy blow out ones to the totally sane picture perfect moments. Makes me feel like a normal Christian mother and wife trying to navigate my way through this crazy zipped world to my home in Heaven. Happy Easter from my family to yours xx

  • Jenny says:

    You are a wonderful example of how to do sponsored posts right + still be YOU through it all. I’ve always admired that about you + find your blog to always be a positive, friendly, creative space. 🙂
    Thanks for being such a happy spot in blogland.
    Nothing but respect for you, Ruby!

  • sgrmse. says:

    whaattt, no way. YOU are the absolute bestest!!!! and a role model for the best mom alive! :’D you’re amazing and totally deserve all the good things in your life now. please don’t ever stop blogging! xoxox

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