color, then eat!

April 18, 2014

eleni's cookieseleni's cookieseleni's cookieseleni's cookieseleni's cookiesEleni’s sent us a pretty box of cookies to color and eat. It came in handy since our time this week never really allowed for all the projects I had wanted to do with the girls, so I’m glad thankful for the fun their cookies provided. Now it’s giving me all sorts of ideas because how fun would a coloring cookie party be for kids (or even adults!)?!

The girls went to town coloring and eating them! They each let me have a bite of their cookie too and I can attest to the yumminess of the cookie. It’s really delicious! But again, I’m a sweets person, so if it has sugar, I’m probably going to like it. They spent a good amount of time coloring the cookies, and then right after they were done, the cookies were gone in a flash. Soul was the fastest of them all!

I let the baby color on her cookie too, but not sure if that was a good idea because she might start taking regular markers and think it’s okay to color on her food. Note to self: Hide the markers from the baby. By the time she was done coloring and eating her cookie, her hands were blue from the markers, and her lips and teeth were blue from the cookies. She’s so cutey!

Eleni’s has a bunch of other gift tins and Color Me! cookies that would make great gift ideas (or for small cookie parties). We have plenty of ink in our markers left over, so we probably will make our own cookies to finish it up. I want to look for a house shape cookie cutter and then it would be fun to create all sorts of house cookies! Wouldn’t that be cute?! I know my girls would be all over that. Give them something to color or draw on, and they get in the zone. Just beware of the slight sugar high after…

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