April 17, 2014

love my familylove my familylove my familylove my familylove my familylove my familySoul didn’t want to be in the picture, so she wasn’t. And you see Glow next to me? She always has to be with me and wouldn’t even let go for a second so that Ben and I could snap a picture together. She’s says she’s my baby and makes sure her sisters know it.

It’s spring break and we’ve had a crazy past couple days. I thought I would have all this time to do this and that, and this and that with the girls. We’ve done none of it! Zip. Zero. None.  We’ve had two visits to the doctor, one of which was to urgent care because they were playing on the couch (we tell them all the time that couches are for sitting and not climbing and jumping on), and Brave fell off and hit the coffee table. There was blood everywhere, me in a panic (blood freaks me out!), I look at the cut (oooh… it’s open and gushing alright!), get the baby from nap, load everyone into the car, and we’re off to urgent care. Then after waiting over 2 and half hours later, we finally go home and Brave has 5 stitches. Good thing she really lives up to her name and the stitches look like Spider-Man’s webs, because she didn’t cry when she got 3 injections of numbing medicine or when they had to stitch it up, and my Spidey loving girl thinks her stitches look kind of cool.

Now it’s Thursday, and well, I just feel kind of crazy and totally out of sorts this week because it hasn’t gone like I planned, but I just gotta roll with it, right?! There’s still time to do some Easter projects with the girls, the big girls go to WonderCon on Saturday, I mostly have Easter baskets figured out, and I think I will just have to scrap making them Easter dresses.

on me: shirt, handmade by me (see here). pants, thrifted. shoes, c/o lotta from stockholm. on the girls: dresses, vintage. cat bag, made here. shorts, misha lulu.


9 comments on “soul-less”

  • Jenny says:

    Oh, you poor things! Brave girl, indeed!! When Henry was five, he was so excited to stay up a little late on a friday night and watch a show with his dad… fresh chocolate chip cookie in hand, he threw himself backwards into his bean bag chair and hit his head on the coffee table – split it right open! ER visit and 6 staples later, we were back home again.
    So excited about your book and good grief, I’m loving’ those silver shoooooooes!

    • Rubyellen says:

      Oh… staples sound even more scary! A chocolate chip cookie can definitely do that to you! And thank you for sharing in my excitement!

  • Emily Baker says:

    Awwww Brave!!! Livin’ up to her name aGAIN! what a gal 🙂

    • Rubyellen says:

      The doctor called two nurses to hold her down, but they both left mid-way because they weren’t needed!

  • Christine says:

    Sorry to hear about Brave’s boo boo. I love her spiderman fascination btw 🙂

    • Rubyellen says:

      She’s so funny with it! I love that she loves Spider-Man too. I find her intense love for it very endearing.

  • nikki says:

    love your pants!! and glad brave is okay!

  • Kelly Bidwell says:

    I love your little Glow! She is always so serious! Just precious.

  • Anna says:

    Love love love your outfit, very chic! And the silver clogs are AMAZING. x

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