August 16, 2014

flyThis week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Soul folded her first full basket of laundry! Yay!!!

Bought all our homeschooling curriculum for this year.

The big three slept over the BFF’s house this week and I’m so thankful for some quiet time with the baby. It’s nice to give her some one on one attention, and I also get a lot done during her nap times.

Last Sunday’s sermon at our church family gathering about prayer really spoke to my heart. I suck at prayer. Can listen to it here (the one on Aug. 10).

I want to make these metallic gem pouches.

Lotta From Stockholm is hosting a contest on instagram for a pair of clogs!  See here for the simple details.

I love these SALU necklaces by Zara. Shop the collection here.

I’ll be in Redlands next Saturday hosting a craft event for kids, so if you’re in the area, nearby, or just want to make a trek out there, it would be fun to meet you! See here for more details. My favorite ice cream place is around the corner, so come and craft and head there to try the bestest ice cream ever!

Thank you for all your feedback last week. I’ll be working on those, and it really does help to know your thoughts and suggestions. I truly appreciate it friends!


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