vintage here, vintage there: a very bright day

June 14, 2011

vh, vt
The theme of the day was bright. At least for me and the sun.
I am starting to notice that when dressing the girls, I gravitate towards lots of blues and reds. I am not sure what it is, but that is a common color scheme amidst their clothes, new and vintage!
We spent Sunday afternoon at the flea market and we didn’t do too much damage, which is good, but Soul came home with the cutest little toy for her! The day was super sunny and warm. It came as a bit of a surprise as the morning was gloomy and grey, and the forecast for the afternoon predicted something else than the sun we were feeling. I tell you, southern California weather people aren’t the brightest. They never get it right.
I love my little girls. It is like playing dress up all the time!
I thought about not wearing a maxi skirt for once, but was once again running late to church and that was the quickest outfit I could think of, so on it went. Plus, I really love them too much this pregnancy and despite being 5 foot even, I still wear them. Who said short girls can’t wear them?!!
The skirt is as bright as could be, but it reminds of this Zara skirt I coveted, so I am in love. Plus, when I was wandering the flea market by myself away from Ben and the girls, I figured this skirt would make it easier for them to find me. It didn’t really, but I guess it was kind of fun channeling the 80’s.
on me: shirt, forever 21. skirt, c/o pomp & pride. shoes, kohls (my sister and I are twinsies and they were bought my parents!). earrings, made by me.
on true: dress, misha lulu. shoes, sodas. bow, bobbie soxie.
on brave: dress, vintage. necklace, made by brave. shoes, salt water sandals.
on soul: dress, vintage. moccasins, freshly picked.
Rachel mentioned in her last VH, VT post we have been doing this series for 8 months. 8 months!!! I can hardly believe it. It has been so much fun and I love incorporating vintage into our closets. It is so budget friendly and if you know how to work a sewing machine, your vintage options are endless. I do admit, I can’t wait to start wearing my stack of collected vintage dresses again, but those require a waistline and I have a few more months before that comes back. Until then, I am enjoying all the kicks and bumps that are going on inside me. This baby is definitely a mover!
Rachel’s VH, VT post will be up soon now up here, so be sure to check out the pretty vintage she wore on her date night out with Brett. You will love her whole outfit from head to toe and handbag too! Promise. I am even suddenly wanting my own Enid Collins bag. They are super pretty!!!

If you love vintage and have been wearing and sharing it too, please do leave a link so we could all check it out.

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