problem solved.

June 15, 2011

I have got myself a pretty, yellow dress. Yahooey!!!
After going through all your suggestions (I seriously thought about a few of them), countless hours pouring over shops online and on etsy, after a few online orders which will be shipped back soon, a trip to anthropologie to try some on, many debates about making a dress, and with just one pretty fabric and the right inspiration, I bit the bullet and got sewing. Of course, not much else got done today (and I have a list of projects with deadlines due this week), but this lady has got herself a dress!
The bride came over yesterday to do some wedding crafting and she brought over this vintage fabric she picked up, she had no use for it, so she said, “Make yourself a dress.” I was nervous and couldn’t figure out what I wanted, but I took the challenge and did it. I must say I am very happy with the results (and it’s free, so that makes everything better!).
my yellow dressmy yellow dressmy yellow dressmy yellow dress
The dress is mostly done, except the bottom hem because I won’t do it until it gets closer to the actual wedding (in 5 weeks) so I will give my belly more time to grow and then figure out the length I want. It is just a simple tunic shift dress of sorts and I debated adding ruffles, pleats, or something extra, but the geometric pattern is pretty enough by itself and I figured I will accessorize with super colorful earrings and all will be well. I even got slightly fancy and added bust darts, which I have never done before. I can stop agonizing over what to wear and my life can now go on. Or at least, I can try to get some laundry put away before the sun goes down. That was after all the main thing on my to do list for the day.
Thanks friends for your suggestions. Thanks Neen for the fabric. Thank God this dress problem is solved!
Oh now what shoes do I wear?! Kidding. I already got that covered.
p.s. if you need a cute kid dress? misha lulu is having a sale here! it’s time to stock up.

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