a home sewn little black dress

April 3, 2014

little black dresslittle black dresslittle black dresslittle black dressEver since I made this denim dress, I’ve totally been on a dress sewing roll (this eye one, and I have another simple one to share!). It’s completely therapeutic to me and a whole lot of fun. It’s kind of like going shopping, but better because I didn’t really spend any money (at least it feels that way since I’ve had the fabric sitting in my pile forever).

This is just another easy, shift dress (inspired by this one I pinned from Emerson Fry), but I did a slight drop shoulder, went a little bit wider on the sleeves, put in bust darts, and more of an A-line. I didn’t follow a pattern, but used dresses I have that are similar in style to eye-ball it. I have followed patterns in the past, especially when it comes to sleeves, so that has helped me understand how to cut and sew a dress. If you have a dress that you really like, study it (take it apart if you can part with it, I’ve done that to some thrift store dresses to study sleeves) and use that as a guide. If you need a pattern, I’m sure your local fabric store will have plenty to choose from and you could probably find a pattern similar to this dress.

My next dress sewing projects are trying to make a dress from wax fabric inspired by this (and this), modify this dress to fit me since I made this for me to wear when I was a bridesmaid and 8 months pregnant, and maybe a nice and light white linen dress for summer. Of course, I wanna try my hand at making the girls some jumpsuits and rompers for the summer too! I can’t wait for spring break, so we can play, make, and sew all day long!

Get yourself to a sewing machine and make yourself a dress! It’s easier than you think and even if you make a mistake, you totally learn from them.

on me: dress, handmade (duh!). stone necklace, c/o lisa leonard. leopard sneakers, steve madden. leaf, just for fun (it makes me less shy camera shy or maybe it’s cause I’m hiding).

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