they’re so cool

April 4, 2014

sunshiny daysunshiny daysunshiny daysunshiny daysunshiny dayThis particular morning, I was making suggestions of things they can wear, which doesn’t happen that often these days, and well, they didn’t take any of them. The girls plainly said, “Mommy, we look cool.” I also learned that morning that Brave prefers not to wear dresses because Spider-Man doesn’t wear dresses. Duh, mom! Well, Soulie gladly put on a dress and said, “I look like a queen.” Oh these girls… love them!

Gusta sent over this romper and it’s my first time trying out one of these one piece things, though I do wear overalls. The verdict is that I kinda like it, and I’d love to try sewing myself a jumpsuit inspired by this one. My one change would be to raise that neckline because my name ain’t J. Lo.

on me: romper, c/o gusta. necklace, lisa leonard (this one). shoes, steve madden (my v-day gift from ben!). on true: shirt, vintage. jeans, old navy. shoes, old navy (last year). on brave: shirt, c/o old navy. short, misha lulu. shoes, gap kids. on soul: dress, vintage from ms. tips. boots, thrifted. on glow: dress, vintage. shoes, c/o old navy.

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