sunday’s wedding

July 11, 2011

The wedding was beautiful despite the fact it was painfully hot. I can’t wait to see the photos from the photographers, one of which was also in the wedding (you can see her below standing in front of me with a camera in her hand and her bouquet, along with mine, in my hands). For now you get to see just a few snap shots that Ben took. Though, I will be sure to share real photos later as there was plenty of pretty things going on!
sunday's wedding
My mom and dad were in the wedding as sponsors (it is a cultural thing to have numerous “sponsors” as part of a Filipino wedding). It sounds strange, at least I think it is, that when Ben and I got married we preferred not to have them and just had a more mature couple who we felt we could go to for emotional and spiritual support. Anyways, my parents were in it and looked dashing as always. My mama always looks so young (okay, you too dad)!
Then, there was me and my partner and my homemade dress that solved my dress dilemma.
sunday's wedding sunday's weddingsunday's wedding sunday's wedding
Monday is a slow day today as we are all still recovering from partying hardying it up last night, most especially Brave and Soul who were particularly lovin’ that dance floor! Though, True let her shyness get the best of her. My friend Nina is finally married and we all so happy for her… Yay!!!
I have a fun series of posts lined up for you this week. It was our 6th wedding anniversary on Saturday (though we didn’t do anything due to wedding stuff for my friend, but we will celebrate this coming weekend), but to celebrate here in this space, Ben and I will share “Our Love Story” in small bits daily. So check back later this afternoon as you can learn about when we first met
Here’s to a slow Monday and don’t forget today is the last day to win this and this!

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