our little love story: when we first met

July 11, 2011

I love Ben and I love remembering and retelling “Our Little Love Story” over and over again…

her story
I was working at the Gap during college and had already been working there for over a year before Ben came along. Ben was a new hire and I remember walking towards the middle of the store to go and meet him. My first thought was “This guy is HOT!!!” and I proceeded to introduce myself.

“Hi, I’m Ruby.”

He then introduced himself and we shook hands. Mind you, I was 19 years old and he did seem a bit older to me, so then I asked him, “How old are you?”

He said, “26.”

I said, “Dude, you are so old you could be my grandpa!” and I walked away back towards the cash registers. Okay, he couldn’t really be my grandpa, but to a 19 year old, 26 was ancient.

Maybe I said something funny like that out of sheer nervousness because really, he was super hot! I tended to say funny things around cute guys because they just made me nervous, but I can tell you it hasn’t happened since. Everyone has paled in comparison to Ben. Guys I thought were once cute, suddenly weren’t. After that day, my life has never been quite the same…

his story
I had been living and working in the Washington DC area (Northern VA) and got laid off Summer 2001. I figured it was the perfect time to move to Southern CA where I had always envisioned living, so I did (thanks to my cousins Lupita, Alex, Gabriel, and Rafael who let me crash and invade their house!).

I couldn’t find employment in what I had been doing (advertising), so in desperate need to have at least some income, I started looking everywhere, and I mean everywhere. After a few odd jobs, and being turned away from every fast food outlet imaginable, the Gap hired me (thankfully I had worked part-time at Banana Republic for a number of years prior).

Within the first few days of working at the Gap, this cute, young, and sassy girl bounces over to the section of the store where I was and introduces herself. She follows this immediately up with a question about my age. Kinda odd, but she was young.

I guess she thought I was old, so she said something like, “you’re old enough to be my grandpa!” What?!! And then this little whipper-snapper bounced away in the same fashion she approached me with her cute little self.

As cute as she was, and as nice as that derriΓ¨re was, it wasn’t “love at first sight” for two main reasons: 1) I had just gotten out of a relationship and that was the last, last, last thing on my mind, and 2) She was only 19!.

But she was very cute, and that derrière was very nice

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