hypnobirth class 2

July 13, 2011

hypnobirth class 2
{the signs above will help me prepare my mindset and body for HypnoBirthing}
I am totally encouraged that some of you have tried this for your birth and it has been successful and also happy to hear that this idea isn’t foreign to some of you. I have been practicing and I still find it strange that I will be able to do this during a surge, but practice makes perfect right?!! I hope so.
Class 2 was another good informative class. I am learning so much and so much of it is also getting encouragement from our hypnotherapist Dr. AnnaLynne. I think her motivation makes such a big difference. I don’t know if I would feel as comfortable just reading from a book, but that is just me and my style of learning.
The most fun part of the classes is actually practicing going into hypnosis. Just to clarify, you aren’t under someone’s spell when in hypnosis, but you are in control and putting yourself in a very relax mode using tools around you as anchors to help get you there (i.e. music, scent, a script, etc…).
This second class was especially interesting because in hypnosis, I let my right side pretty much go numb (it feels like it melted into my bed), then I touched my cheek with my right hand, and what it touch slowly felt numb too. So much so that my mouth started salivating just like when at the dentist and they numb you. It was such a strange sensation and my mind was alert, but my body, especially my right side was completely and utterly relaxed. In hypnosis, I even opened my eyes, so I could see things, but still I was completely relaxed. It is such a strange sensation but it feels good. No other way to describe it except your body being in utter relaxation.
Well, this time Ben and I were side by side on the bed practicing while Dr. AnnaLynn was guiding us (via Skype), but when it came time to open our eyes, I looked over at Ben and his eyes didn’t open.
I said, “Ben. Ben.”
Then his eyes finally opened. Turns out this boy let his body get so relax that he went to sleep! I just laughed at him. Dr. AnnaLynn says this happens to 100% of all the males when they participate with their wives. I think that is hilarious!!!
I have been practicing and when I close my eyes I am starting to visualize things more. It is kind of a cool feeling, so when I do, I feel more distant from my body. I am still nervous about this all and how it plays out when I actually go into labor, but I will keep trying to prepare myself. That’s the best I could do right now anyways.
We have class 3 tonight and I am excited to learn how to put myself in hypnosis quicker. I think that will be they key cause I tried practicing at the dentist yesterday and I wasn’t doing it quick enough.
Curious about HypnoBirthing (I know, it sounded strange to me too!)? Visit here or ask Dr. AnnaLynn questions yourself.
If you are local, you won’t want to miss out on “Snap it Pretty”! Must have 12 people signed up by Monday, otherwise we will reschedule for another date in August. It will be good friends, so good.

10 comments on “hypnobirth class 2”

  • megan lane says:

    this is so intriguing!! i am 100% sure my hubby would fall asleep too, haha! i'm glad your sharing your experience with us, i hope that hypnobirthing will be effective for you!

  • Betty says:

    i know my hubs would fall sleep too… he can fall asleep if left in a room for 10 minutes doing nothing. can't wait to hear more about your classes,

  • I cant wait for #4 to arrive! Your experience may fully convince me to try it out

  • Gingiber says:

    After reading this and your last post I looked into hypnobirthing here in Arkansas for my current pregnancy. Alas, no one here teaches it! Still researching our options, though 🙂

  • Rubyellen says:

    gingiber- did you know we are doing our classes all through skype?! our hypnotherapist is in portland oregon and i am in southern california. i say you give her a call. maybe you would be interested in going our route or i think, and she may also know someone in your area. you never know!

  • lela says:

    I am looking into hypnobirth now. I am in Garden Grove and wanted to do home birth, but also can't because of insurance. Thanks for being open with your story!

  • Lea says:

    i haven't tried hypnobirthing but i used relaxation/visualisation techniques(learnt during yoga) during my second and third births-after an emergency caesar for my first. I felt very introverted and calm, i felt in control and the visualisation worked a treat. i really felt like i was breathing my baby out. of course it was painful but there was no anxiety, just calm. I wish you all the best with your birth Rubyellen. May your hypnobirthing be an effective tool for you and may your birth experience be every thing youre dreaming of.

  • della-nonna says:

    Hey Ruby!
    what do the signs say? I can't quite make all of it out!!
    We have just done hypnobirthing classes – but in Australia, so it's slightly different – signs are a great idea! 🙂

  • what were your other births…if not hypnobirthing before?! As I type this, I realize that I am going to scour your blog to find out the answers… I am soo excited for you and can't wait to hear how it goes. I love the hypnobirthing idea, and will do that for when I do get pregnant.

  • Itty Luxe says:

    Good for you. We did the training ended up having to be induced because I had very low fluid but used the techniques but ended up with an epi because the labor was endless!

    but with our second baby used we the techniques & tapes and had an AMAZING birth experience it was just magical and pretty much pain free. can't wait to hear about your experience.

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