vintage here, vintage there: beach day

July 19, 2011

vh, vt
We live in Southern California so we are relatively close to the beach, but we never really go, so today, we seized the moment and went!
The girls were pretty ecstatic about our destination. Right after breakfast, we got them all ready to head out, but of course with three of them that takes us about… um… 2 and half hours to get out of the house. Oh boy! We had lunch packed, beach toys ready, blankets wrapped and made our way.
I did try to get True to wear her vintage swimsuit, but it was still a wee bit too big, so they settled on ones they already had. Though we did make sure to outfit them in vintage dresses with their swimsuits underneath.
I am in love with True’s romper. I would love to make more for them or find more. And really, Brave just always makes the best faces (see here or here).
The girls were all at my parents’ house over the weekend and probably what contributed to leaving a little later in the morning was that it takes them a bit of reprogramming when they get back to our house. I wish there was a reset button when they came home from their time with the grandparents because then things would be so much smoother. Nevertheless, we are so grateful to my parents for taking on the task of watching our 3 rascals! It is not an easy job. Love you mom and dad!!!
I tried to put my swimsuit on. Yeah… didn’t work so well and I have never bought a pregnancy one, so a dress did the job. This baby belly is really quite a big one now. Ben says it looks like a dodge ball (I have lots of stretch marks and lines) and he says we should name the baby “Dodge”. Kidding. Really. We still have no name and still have not slipped up on our secret. Okay, I did once with someone, but they didn’t catch it, so the only who knows is still Ben, me, and Soulie.
None of the girls were quite thrilled about the water. Brave and True went for a little bit, but didn’t last long and Soul was wailing when I even got her close. What they did love was playing with sand and building sand castles. True also got buried in the sand by her Papi. Soul stayed on the quilt the entire time or was carried around. She will love it I know she will, it will just take a few more visits.
My only vintage in this outfit are my shoes. This belly makes figuring out what to wear harder and harder these days, but I won’t complain too much because feeling this little being inside squirm and squirm makes it all worth it. I am enjoying every last bit because this will be my last pregnancy, at least as far as our plans our concerned. Now, God’s plans can sometimes be a different story.
on me: dress, anthropologie. vest, kohls. shoes, vintage via ms. tips.
on true: romper, vintage. swimsuit, old navy. hair bow, h&m. shoes, saltwaters c/o Tea.
on brave: dress, vintage. swimsuit, target. shoes, saltwaters.
on soul: dress, vintage.
vh, vt
We all had a grand time out. I wish days were like this everyday, but Ben goes back to work tomorrow. Boo. Though, I am very thankful he has a job. I just like being with him all the time, so we get sad when he is at work. Ben and I are going to try and plan more beach trips on Saturday mornings. Well, we don’t have very many Saturdays left until baby comes so we better get planning…
Rachel’s Brett is home, so it is so good to see him back in her pictures. You can see how sharp he looks in uniform and how big the rest of the Denbows’ smiles are now that he is home! Head “over there” and see their happy family dressed to the nines!
Only two spots left (CLASS FULL) friends and don’t worry “our love story” will be picking up soon (in case you were wondering)…

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