September 12, 2011

hanging out
hanging out
In case you were wondering, Soulie is still the baby and so far Monday will continue on like normal… one week left until “technical” due date.
Wanna see some instagrams from our weekend? Lookie here. Was your weekend just as low key as ours?

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  • Kathya says:

    Time for mourning in our family. It was quite a weekend for us. I haven't felt like this for about 15 years when my Dad passed away. Prayers please. For his family and for healing.

    On a better note… I am so excited to get to see this Baby. I have been following it since you said, it was a secret and you know it. ^_^
    We did the same with Catalina. Most family members didn't like us for that time being. Praying that hypnobirth works for you. 🙂

  • Rubyellen says:

    kathya- i am so sorry to hear that. just prayed for you and your family during this time! and thanks for the thoughts and prayers as well.

  • jodi says:

    oh the waiting…baby will be here oh so soon! blessings for a calm and joyous birth x

  • RachelDenbow says:

    I know you're ready so I won't say I'm glad baby hasn't come yet but I was so worried I'd missed the big event being away from Twitter much these last few days!

    Hoping you get lots of rest until it's time, mama! Hugs!

  • Rae Veda says:

    I'm so excited for you! I hope baby comes soon being you're so ready. Good luck with homeschool these next few days while you're having contractions.

    XO, Rae


  • Ashley says:

    I've been dying to know the gender and the creative name you have in mind for babycakies #4! im praying that the baby comes soon and that the hypnobirth goes smoothly!

  • Nelle says:

    Hope these last days are calm and easy Rubyellen! I am a week ahead of you and totally was expecting to have a new baby by now! (both my boys were born before 40 weeks), but I am trying to remember that all of these labour/birth/baby variables are under God's control. Praying that thought encourages and stays with us as we wait. =)

  • STEENIE says:

    Yes! Our weekend was completely chill. I love having high energy adventures but every once in awhile I am so SO thankful for the down time! Its nice to see other families doing that too.

  • we all can't wait :D. so exciting, and I don't even know you personally. hehehe…

  • jozen says:

    awe! well when your blogging and twittering all come to an abrupt stop, i think we can all safely guess where you are!

  • Kuky says:

    Congratulations!!! I'm catching up on reading and first picture I saw when I clicked the link was the little one.

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