September 10, 2011

her days as the baby continues
With every passing day I am still pregnant, this little one gets one day extra of being the baby! I don’t think she minds all that much.
Learned and links…
– The girls love calling me “teacher” while we are doing school.
– Ben just learned I don’t like popcorn.
– My girls need to work on immediate “right away, all the way, with a happy heart” obedience. They have been really bad at it lately.
– Soulie hates people touching her food or bothering her when eating.
– True doesn’t really like to eat breakfast of late. I think we need to find something new for her to eat, instead of just O’s all the time.
– True has a new friend named Chloe.
– My sister has the most honest reflections.
Twitter is all sorts of fun! And instagram makes it even better!
– We are so ready for baby to come!
Happy weekending folks… I wonder what our weekend has in store for us!

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