October 8, 2011

the big threethe big threesilly soulie
Let’s be honest, some days the girls just dress themselves in whatever they want or we don’t even get out of our pajamas. Soul is the only one dressed up and actually it wasn’t even my doing, her big sisters were the ones that changed her! Heck, sometimes they even change her diaper for me.
Brave’s getup for the day is a tank and tutu and True has got on some San Antonio Spurs shorts under her leotard. Oh! And she has like five bows in her hair. I tell you, the girls in this house are kinda fancy!
Learned and links…
– Glow is pretty good in the afternoons, but mornings and through the nights can be a bit tricky.
– Soul is slowly adding more words to her vocabulary, but not very many people understand her.
– Brave lives up to her name as she didn’t cry with any of her shots at her physical this past week.
– I don’t think I really like jeggings on me, but I recently got these and love them!
– You better jump on this giveaway. It is pretty lovely!
– Love these (thanks to Elsie’s outfit)!
Baby-baby is trying to eat Ben, but he has no food for her, so off I go! Enjoy your weekend!!!

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