January 3, 2012

Hello January
December came and went. It was such a busy month with Soul’s birthday, then Ben’s, then Christmas and all the other festivities that were shoved in between. It was a good month, but our decorations are pretty much all put away, except the tree. True wanted it up one more week, so I happily obliged. And guess what? Even though you could see our advent calendar here, we never ever did a single one. Oh how busy everyday is for our family of six!
I can’t believe the holidays are all over and as much as I want to do it all over again, I am glad that all that low nutrition food will for the most part be over and done with. I am a sucker for sweets so if it is around, I just can’t say no. So how do I deal with sweets the rest of the year? I just don’t really let it come in my house. Unless, we have a baking day.
I have a lot of little goals and resolutions floating around my head, but I have not had a chance to write it out all out yet. There are some things I definitely want to be focusing on more this year. Though the goal of the moment, is to kinda clean things up around here. Every weekend leaves this house in shambles, especially since we had an impromptu New Year’s Day party here since Soul was sick and we didn’t want to go anywhere, my family brought the party here.
January things that will make this month fly…
– My dad’s 53rd birthday was yesterday! Happy Birthday Grumpy!!!
– A few little projects to turn in this month. I wish there were more days in January.
– Last month before my sister gets married.
– Keeping up with the daily busyness of my four littles.
I know I have a long list of to-dos that feel like they will never get done, but the best thing of this month so far is that Glow has slept through the night two nights in a row! Yay!!! I am pretty happy about this because I hope to get full night’s rest again, so that I can start waking up early with Ben again. Good job Glow, let’s keep the sleeping through the night thing going…

Happy New Year everyone! I have lots to share from our festivities soon.

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