carrots and radishes

April 9, 2013

our carrotsour carrotsour carrotsour carrotsour carrotsour carrotsour radishes We’re uprooting our winter garden in preparation for our summer one and look at all these pretty carrots we got! Some of them came out pretty funny looking too. The girls were having a riot with all the funny shaped ones. Of course, I think the coolest part are our radishes because I have never seen a black radish before.

We honestly didn’t upkeep with our winter garden as much because the focus has been on getting the mini orchard started. It is definitely work to maintain and grow your own fruit and veggie garden, which makes me appreciate the farmers out there who help bring the farm to our table. We love growing our own food, but it does take time and money to do so. It’s definitely worth it though. I love being able to go to our backyard and pick out some things to eat. It’s such a good feeling.

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