now it’s time for tomato shopping

April 9, 2013

tomato shoppingtomato shoppingtomato shoppingtomato shoppingtomato shoppingtomato shoppingtomato shoppingtomato shoppingtomato shoppingtomato shoppingtomato shoppingWe are seriously working on this garden of ours every weekend. There’s really no rest. We’ve got a ton of (mostly house) projects going on at the same time and it seems there hasn’t been much time for play. Technically though, we love gardening, so though it’s work, it’s also play for us. It’s totally Ben’s hobby (We actually like doing it together, but he’s the one that invests all the time and research into it, I just do as I’m told) and thankfully when we’re outside working in the yard, the girls love joining us. It’s been especially fun for them lately since we’ve made the backyard much more relaxing for them.

It’s that time of year again when we start shopping for tomato plants. Typically, Ben grows over 20 varieties, but he’s telling me this year, he will probably only go with about 15. Though, if it’s anything like the orchard we’ve been working on, the tomato number will jump right back up to 20 soon enough. Normally, he orders his grafted tomatoes online, but this year he’s mostly getting them from local nurseries. This past weekend we went to our favorite one, Roger’s Gardens, and he came home with a few tomato plants and I got some edible lavender plants and caladium.

The girls are such troopers (we were there for 2 hours!) and they like looking at all the plants. Plus, this particular nursery is a bit fancy and there are a lot of little spots for them to ooh and ahh over. I’m thankful Ben is totally into gardening because of it we get lots of fresh fruits and veggies and a pretty yard!

on me: top and bottom, thrifted. shoes, c/o modcloth. the girls: dresses, misha lulu. leggings on true and brave, c/o hello apparel. moccs on glow, c/o freshly picked.

8 comments on “now it’s time for tomato shopping”

  • Katy says:

    so jealous! I want a garden so bad. It won’t happen this year… we are going to get the back yard fixed up, but won’t be able to plant anything. Maybe I will do a potted tomato plant!?!?! hehe!

  • You have the most beautiful girls!

    xo green gable

  • Hilary says:

    im becoming a garden nerd….this post was so exciting to me! I’ve already planted most of my summer garden, this probably qualifies as my first summer garden, as opposed to one basil plant in sil, because I finally have a little yard (well, flower beds, I wish we owned instead of rented) and my plants are getting to be monsters already! how fun!

  • khanh says:

    you went to Roger’s Garden! my favorite place to wander during lunch time. it’s 5 mins from my work, lucky me.
    they have lots of cool things to look at for kids.
    your girls are getting so big, Soul is no longer a baby. they’re all adorable.
    you’re lucky Ben is into garderning, wish my man is. hehehe … but he is willing to lift heavy things anytime.

  • Elaine says:

    I always love to forward to seeing what you’re growing in your garden. Can’t wait to see what happens with Ben’s tree project.

    Have you ever been to Fullerton JC for thier tomato sale? Too late for this year, it’s usually in March. You buy them small, then plant about 3 weeks later. Mine are in the ground and already over two feet tall and with flowers. So many varieties, and very reasonably priced – $2.50 at the JC. What I love about going there is that some of the people working are total experts on just tomatoes, so they can give you really specific care information.

  • misha lulu says:

    Awesome cute people!

  • Helen Newman says:

    Thanks for your blog I only get to drop in every now and then as I have 3 children. However, I am generally busy trying to patch up my boys trousers and I would love to patch up my daughters leggings too. Hence me question, did you do the heart patches? I’m alittle unsure about patching stretchy fabric so if you have any suggestions they would be gratefully received. Especially as my daughter Esme is a climber and explorer and leggings do not last long with her! Mind you all of my children love having patches, especially if that means they can slid along the floor in their trousers without Mummy giving them a lecture about why they shouldn’t etc! Here’s hopeing and praying for more patience and calm! Thanks Helen x

  • Diane says:

    Hi RubyEllen! I just clicked over from ABM and im glad i did. Im quickly falling in love with your adorable family! Ive already bookmarked your blog ūüôā


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