January 5, 2012

family movie watching
family movie watching
family movie watchingfamily movie watching
family movie watching
family movie watching
It hasn’t been that difficult living tv-less since our television bit the dust last May. Actually, it is kinda nice since I don’t think televisions are that pretty and the space it used to occupy is no longer an eye sore. Now, we have plants and pretty things there!
We are still able to get some television on our computers thanks to Hulu, but the only shows in mine and Ben’s repertoire are Supernatural (yes, we like scary things), New Girl, and Fringe (my show, not Ben’s). The only thing difficult about living without television is that I don’t know what news is going out in the world and usually only find out when people start tweeting about some occurrence. I probably should check some online news site more often. Other than that, living without a television has worked well for us and movie watching is done on our computers. The best part is just add on a projector and our ipod speaker system and we got ourselves our own little home theatre. Better than any large television in my honest opinion.
We lay blankets out, bring out the trays, have some yummy food and we all love the coziness of our own home theatre. We spent the day after New Year’s just chillin’ out and watching a movie together. It was such a nice, cozy, comfy, lazy day. Those can sometimes be the best kind, don’t you think?

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