January 5, 2012

our 2011 Christmas card
Christmas is way over, but I loved our Christmas card too much not to share. Actually, I am horrible at planning Christmas cards and never get around to it until it is much too late, so when True came to me and showed me her drawing, I said, “That’s it! That’s our card!”
I gave it to Ben, he scanned it, digitalized it, added a greeting, and we got ourselves a card! It was perfect! Too bad, I never really sent any out, but just handed it out to those friends and family that we did see, so consider this my late Christmas card to everyone who reads this blog!
And just so you could see the original, here it is…
the original drawn image
Kid art is just the absolute best! I have one more Christmas-related post coming, which is the handmade gifts Ben and I made each other. I am in love with what Ben made me and I can’t wait to share it!
Are you good at planning Christmas cards?

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