January 6, 2012

out to school out to school out to school out to school
{where from again? bow: crocheted by me; shirt: brought home by auntie reinna from when she went to cambodia; jacket: vintage gifted from rachel; raya skirt: c/o lucky brand; boots: h&m.}
Did you know Lucky Brand had kid clothes? I didn’t. I was surprised and and they also have some really cute things, like this pretty skirt or this cool shirt! My girls love skirts! Come to think of it, I don’t think I had my first pair of jeans until I was in middle school. My mom made me a skirt/dress girl growing up and I think for the most part that is how my girls operate too. Though they do love leggings.
True knows the routine for her go-to school day real well. We get all the younger three girls in the car and buckled in, then True and I go in the front yard to take a couple pictures, then we rush back in the car and take off. I think she kinda likes getting her picture taken, but only if it is me behind the camera.
Funny story… we went to pick up True from school and I see her teeny self sitting on the curb snacking on carrots when I notice she is wearing one of her Happy New Year crowns. The teacher walks her to the car and greets me and tells me how cute True looked today and quietly whispers that she wore the crown all day long. Hmm… she didn’t leave the house with the crown on, as you can see by the picture taken before school, so this little girl snuck the crown in her backpack and put it on at school. Hilarious! For a shy little girl, she was kinda bold in her fashion choice that day. At least it was a crown and not a mini skirt, right?!! Oh boy! For this little girl of mine, fashion really has no bounds. You should see the funny things they put on for dress-up!
out to school

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