February 24, 2012

glow and her pink chair
Following suit to Soul and Boogie, which seem to stop right around 14 months for Soul and probably because I was in the midst of morning sickness and pregnant with Glow. We got Glow her very own chair and in pink because let’s face it, pink is kinda fantastic (always loved this mama’s pink chair). I am kinda late in sharing it here because I wanted to think of a clever name for the chair (Soul’s chair got its name from this hilarious surprise) and well, nothing ever came to me, so “her pink chair” it is!
glow and her pink chair
One month.
glow and her pink chair
Two months.
glow and her pink chair
Three months.
glow and her pink chair
Four months.
glow and her pink chair
Five months.
I can hardly believe Glow is on her way to being six months old. I take daily pictures of her and post it on instagram and twitter, though the past few days don’t seem to want to load on Ben’s iphone, but you can follow along here and here.
She is a happy little joy and we all love her to pieces. And my oh my… that hair of hers is always crazy!!!
*idea inspired by Nicole from Making It Lovely.

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