March 28, 2012

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For the past few days, I have had I one aching left shoulder and one burning left ear, which causes me to lose sleep at night. I swore I had an ear infection and actually went to the doctor last night to get it checked, and I rarely go to the doctor for something like that for myself, so that should tell you how bad it is bothering me. Well, the doctor tells me I have no ear infection and I just have a stress-induced ear ache. What?!!
Days go so fast and I really feel crazy most of the time, but lots of sweet things happen during the day and I try to savor it. I don’t always, but I try. I am especially enjoying looking through all the drawings they make, they can sit for hours drawing and the result is always marvelous. I am kind of biased though.
Another sweet moment is when True and I were working on some writing and reading and all of a sudden Brave snuck up and started playing My Little Pony with her. It kinda drove me nuts that Brave interrupted, but it was sweet to see Brave wanting to be with True and they’re really cute to watch when playing with their My Little Ponies! Those little ponies are the “it” toy of the house for the current moment.
The other day True said, “Mom, I’m the funniest. Brave is the sweetest. And Soul is the rudest.”
That made me laugh really hard, but it’s kind of true. Makes me wonder what Glow will be like…

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