March 15, 2012

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{where from again? shirt & pants: misha lulu; short sleeve jacket: vintage; socks: target; shoes: vintage; bow: made by mom.}
Her favorite class at school is Spanish. Ben was home and I tried talking to her in Spanish, I don’t know the language at all, but I was trying. After I said something, she went to Ben and whispered into his ear, “Mommy, does not know Spanish.” Hey! I tried! I wish I knew how to speak it.


  • Amanda says:

    aw that's cute. It's best to know and learn stuff when you are younger – when you get older its so much harder. I cannot remember Spanish and I took 2 years of it in high school – although I did poor at that. I only remember a couple of words.

    I like how she dresses so vintage. Here in PA in my area, you get made fun of for being different. Everyone has to wear brand names even at a young age its so sad.

  • Jessica says:

    Just curious, does she ever complain about outfits like this? She looks cute, but I have a hard time getting my kids out of a t-shirt and shorts or jeans. I'd have to pay them a substantial sum to get them to wear something like this to school.

    • Rubyellen says:

      there's only one outfit that she will officially fight me over, but she doesn't really. i think the key is that she picks some of the outfit herself. that helps a lot. this particular day, she picked out the shirt and pants and shoes, and it was cold, so i threw on the extra layer.

  • michellek says:

    omigoodnes this is beyond adorable. how old is your daughter, they already teach spanish class that early? Mine started in middle school

    • Rubyellen says:

      we homeschool, but she goes to an enrichment learning center once a week and she gets spanish there. she loves it! she is 5 and in kinder.

    • michellek says:

      oh wow that is quite an accomplishment. little kids absorb languages easier, smart idea to start another language early. keep up the great posts!

  • Serena says:

    So cute! Don't you hate how you can't fool kids, even if you try!

  • hhaahhah at least you tried, that is right!!

  • She is too cute! Super stylish gal gets it from her mom!

    <3 Jjanga

  • Taylor Leigh says:

    haha good for you for trying! 🙂 by the way – I love your floor! is that your real floor?! Is it finished?! Just curious 🙂

    • Rubyellen says:

      not our floor! we have horrendous carpet, but pictures really aren't pretty on that. crossing fingers that we will have wood floor in a month or so! yay!!! just put down a piece of plywood!

  • Wood floors are soooo much easier!

  • Taylor Leigh says:

    haha could have fooled me! good idea – may have to go to the hardware store! 🙂

  • Sorry for my English…I wish I could speak it better! I really love your blog!! I am spanish and I'm just here if you need help with your spanish lessons!! ^^

  • madeinminch says:

    Well done on encouraging language development,it can be so frustrating learning later on in life, kids make it look easy!
    Loooove the outfit too, polka dot socks would just be the cherry on the cake though 🙂
    Does she pick out the clothes herself? If so she has seeeeeerious style 🙂

  • Yessenia says:

    I am curious to know and if you don't mind me asking 🙂 what ethnic background is Ben? 🙂

    I am glad she loves spanish! because I know spanish fluent and love it and hope to teach it to my kids too! (future kids).

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