July 16, 2012

seven-iversaryseven-iversaryseven-iversarySo what did we ultimately decide to do this weekend to continue the anniversary celebrating going? Friday night we dropped off the girls at my parents’ house, went on a date, then went on a craigslist purchase pick up, came back to my mom’s to pick up Glow, then went back home to spend all day Saturday cleaning. That’s what we both really wanted to do and we are a-okay with that. We got alone time with each other (with little Glow nearby) and that’s what is most important.

Last year we did a stay-cation home-cation and I guess this year was a stay-cation clean-cation. I really like clean-cations. It is refreshing to get junk out of the house! Wouldn’t you agree?! What kinds of things do you typically do for anniversaries? Do you travel or plan a night out?

on me: shirt, thrifted and altered. denim cut offs, really old ones i’ve had for years. shoes, report (love these via modcloth). giant clutch (totally perfect for a date night when i didn’t need to lug diapers), c/o lovenell. on ben: shirt, vintage. jeans, diesel (his fave brand). shoes, nike.

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  • Rima @ Bolu says:

    congrats on your 7th year (7 is my fav number)
    date night is important!


  • hey girl! it’s so nice to find your blog, i just started out here and i feel like i stumbled across a nice little community of filipino bloggers [my mama’s filipino too]. i’m trying to build a community of my own, so if you’ve got any time [i’ll understand if you dont, you seem so busy!] please follow along 🙂

    ps. happy 7th year! what a milestone.

  • Keri-Anne says:

    You two are just such a beautiful couple!
    We celebrated our 5th year wedding anniversary last month. I had planned a picnic in a wood with a teepee set up at sunset. My mum was coming to have the girls and i had the picnic hamper all packed – and then the heavens opened!!!! I was so upset, i ended up telling him the plans. We went on a dinner date instead and we have plans to still do the picnic in the woods at some point in the next few weeks still. Our summer here in the UK is just a complete washout so i am not even sure when the sun is going to re-appear! x

  • Melody says:

    Happy Anniversary! I love stay-cations, clean-cations! Especially when my husband and I had little ones at home! We have done the same type of thing many times! Why not stay home and enjoy each other working together in your house making it much more of a “home” that you enjoy daily! My husband and I are celebrating 23 years this year and honestly just spending time together anywhere is just fine with me!

  • Congratulations on the anniversary! You two are so cute together 🙂

  • Jen T says:

    Celebrating 9 years this coming weekend and after doing the old “divide and conquer” (one kid with each grandparent set) we’re going out for a haute cuisine dinner and then back to our house for a staycation celebration. : )

    Congratulations on 7 good years!

    • mycakies says:

      you’re too nice! we aren’t quite as nice. we just dump all four kids on my parents! 😉

  • misha lulu says:

    Congrats! I love the red accent!
    You guys are cute!

  • Anastasia says:

    It will be our two year universary next month, but the first year we went to the restorant where our reception was. It is on the water, romantic, and yummy. I love staycations! Home is home…

  • Diana says:

    Congratulations! You and your hubby are too cute! And oh my gosh, I love those shoes!

  • Ah. 7 years is fun! I think my 7th married year was my favorite, but then again, I’ve only been married for 8 years so far now. So far that was indeed my favorite! I hope you continue to have a wonderful marriage together. Congratulations!

  • monica says:

    I just found you through Jen loves Kev’s mention and now I keep coming back. 😉
    I love your style, and your girls…and everything! (I have four boys…)
    I’ll keep stopping back in.

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