they love hats

July 31, 2012

out for ramenout for ramenout for ramenout for ramenThe girls decided to wear hats. I guess I was hat girl growing up, I had the big old Blossom (loved that show!) style hats as a kid, and still like wearing them on occasion. Not so much those Blossom ones anymore, just regular straw hats. I guess my girls got that hat love too. They take my hats and even Ben’s hats and wear them all the time, and for some reason this past Sunday they both decided those hats were particular outfit completers and wore them. I was going to tell them not to and that they didn’t really go, but I took a chill pill and went with it. Our hats look much cuter on them than us anyways.

And really, as many outfit sharing photos I’ve taken, I never really get comfortable in front of the camera. I’m no model and don’t have the skillz, yes, I put a z at the end of that, to pretend I am one. I just have one sure way to pose and that’s with a smile (or look to the right because I like my left side better). So after those very few poses in my repertoire, silly is what you get. Plus, my girls are all about silly.

on me: shirt, aa from sister. pants, urban outfitters. shoes, c/o boutique unicorn. necklace, lo fidelity love. on true: dress, vintage. clogs, c/o lotta from stockholm. on brave: dress, vintage and gifted. shoes, vintage via rachel’s pop up shop. on soul: dress, vintage. shoes, vintage via etsy. on glow: romper, old navy.

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