DIY: paint-by-numbers pillow on ABM

July 31, 2012

paint-by-numbers pillowMy lastest contribution post over at  A Beautiful Mess is up… the Paint-by-Numbers Pillow. This is something I was churning in my head for awhile and had to recreate a couple times until I was absolutely happy with it. Oh boy! You should see my first one, it had a mountain in the landscape and when it was done, it just looked like a big chocolate chip cookie in the picture. That was no bueno. So it was back to the drawing board again until I had a result that I loved! I have a couple more in mind and next time I will use fabric medium (as suggested by someone in the comments) to see how that comes out. You learn and get better each time you do something. I love that challenge. Head over to ABM and check it out here!!!

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