December 14, 2011

out to schoolout to schoolout to school
{where from again? tunic: handmade; coat: baby bear bums; leggings: old navy; rainboots: target; smile: all hers.}
True had her last day of school for this year and still her theatre teacher tells me she doesn’t talk much. True tells me she is really shy in theatre because it is the first class of the day, but as the day goes on, she is less shy. This idea will get tested because next semester, her theatre class is at the end of the day, so we will see.
I really love the charter school we go through because this one day a week school deal is such a good thing for her. I can’t wait until Brave joins next year! Also because that means when they are both at school, it gives me more of a break having just two kids at home. School officially goes on break next week, but I think we will continue doing a bit of school here and there. Love the homeschooling flexibility!
And you all know we love Misha Lulu and you can get great deals this week on their lovely goods through Mini Social. Check it out here!
p.s. that smile of hers, melts my heart!
Good news!!! I won the HOUZZ holiday contest!!! Thank you all for your support!!! HOUZZ will be randomly drawing one of your names (of those who commented), so one of you will be getting a $250 gift certificate very soon! So keep checking back for the announcement. Thank you again so, so much!!!

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