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November 29, 2012

“This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Chrysler. All opinions are 100% mine.”
minivanminivanminivanThe “Test of Ownership” for the Town & Country was pretty cool. While we don’t have it anymore, it was a pleasant experience the few weeks we were allowed to borrow it. I loved the extra space we had, though I still feel a van is just a bit too monstrous for me. I totally loved having Sirius XM Satellite Radio and that was really hard to let go of. Another feature I liked was the little triangle that would light up when someone was in your blind spot; it would then kindly beep-beep if you flipped on your indicator lights and there was someone in your blind spot. Of course, you wouldn’t rely on that solely, but I thought it was a nice safety feature. The girls also loved all the buttons they could press to make the doors close, and they especially loved the little sun shades that pulled up for their windows.

I remember the day my parents brought home their brand new minivan when I was about 10 years old. I was so excited and I vividly recall claiming the middle, left seat as my spot. And oh I raised a stink when my brother tried to take it from time to time. Well, I think I just raised a stink when it came anything to do with my brother because we fought incessantly growing up. Their van did not have any of the bells and whistles this van does, but we made lots of memories in that van and that’s how my mom toted us 4 kids around. Oh and my mom even sat on a pillow because vans are kinda big and my mom is really little. But in a modern van like this, built with the ability to adjust your seat height and angle, no pillows required!

Though we had the Town & Country for just a few weeks, I am sure the big girls will think of that time with fondness. They obviously won’t have as many memories as I did in the minivan I grew up riding (but they will have plenty in our current car), but they truly enjoyed and looked forward to riding in the van… I’m sure they’ll have some fun things to talk about when they grow up. One day they’ll probably ask, “Mom, why did we get to borrow a van for a couple weeks and where did it go?” And I’ll reply, “Well, a long time ago, there was thing called blogging…”

We’re back to normal in our car again. I love our car and I don’t feel the need to trade it out just yet, but it really was a nice little car vacation. We got to enjoy extra space in a super clean and modern car for a bit. I was talking to my friend Frances about minivans versus SUVs. She has a midsize SUV like us (and they’re soon to be a family of 6), but she was telling me she’s ready to trade out for the minivan, as she puts it, “The trunk space is sexy.” I’m not quite ready to make the jump, but I will admit, compared to my car that trunk (and other internal) space is pretty doggone sexy.

Thanks Chrysler for letting us borrow your car! The girls truly had a ton of fun in the borrowed car, so I made a quick little video for them to remember their car vacation.

7 comments on “cruisin’ in a minivan”

  • jane says:

    i think we’re getting a swagger wagon! haha! 🙂 we’re going hunting for toyota siennas soon. alex can’t deal with three carseats in the row, trying get kids in and out, especially when they’re sleeping. if the price is right, we’re switching over! hahahaha!

    hope you’re well! let’s play soon… we’re leaving for hawaii next thursday, so maybe after? (yes, with all THREE babies!)

    ps praying for danika!

  • Michelle B says:

    We have baby #3 on the way and I’m not ready for a mini van. I was curious about what car you drive. we drive a CRV and I don’t want to loose the trunk space we have! Thanks for your input:)


  • Bri says:

    I just love when you post videos of your girls. They are so adorable! Although I’m not a mother (nope, not even close, only 19 here!), I don’t think I’ll be much of a minivan mommy, either. It’s too big! But, I loved your posts documenting the memories you’ve made in it thus far. Love your blog!

  • Micaelan says:

    I am new to your blog but love reading about your family. Such sweet girls! I second Michelle B in wondering what kind of car/SUV you are in currently? I would love to see a blog post about how you make it work for your family with so many car seats. Asking selfishly – I have two kids right now but we are planning on four (yay!) and I need inspiration.

    • mycakies says:

      I currently have a toyota highlander. I love it! It is a squeeze, but it works for us and I really don’t want car payments, so we’ll keep making it work for us. I may just consider doing a post on how we all squeeze in!

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