the little ones make a big difference

February 20, 2014

laundryThe girls have a set of chores to do around the house weekly that really have helped keep things tidy around here. They are still little, but they are most certainly old enough to start being responsible for things. Of course, the expectations from each of them vary slightly because of their age, though True and Brave pretty well do the same things, but we make exceptions for Soulie. One of the biggest things they have taken charge of is putting away the laundry! This has been by far one of the biggest help around here. I typically put the laundry in to be washed, but they take it out, and do all the folding and putting away. Well, they don’t put away mine and Ben’s laundry, but put it in our room, and then we put it away. Everything else though, they do themselves.

the laundry rangesthe laundry rangesthe laundry rangesthe laundry rangesthe laundry rangesthe laundry rangesthe laundry rangesthe laundry rangesWe got to try the Tide Pods and NEW Gain Flings from Target and those make doing laundry even more feasible for the girls! Not only can they put it away, but they can wash now too! I still have to help separate the colors (but I’m sure in a couple weeks they’ll get the gist), but True put all the clothes in, threw in the little laundry pod, I told her what cycle to put it on, she pressed start, and there you have it. When it was done, they (Brave and True) transferred it to the dryer, and when that was done, they took it out, folded it, and put it away (this is where Soul contributes). It’s pretty amazing and such a big help. I just sat back with a beer in hand and smiled. Okay, kidding. I didn’t really have a beer, nor was I was just sitting back watching, but I’m very impressed (and thankful) with how my girls help out. They may be little, but their contributions to this household make a big difference.

Similarly, these little pods of laundry detergent definitely made a difference in our laundry too! I absolutely love the smell, which is attributed to 50% more scent, Oxi boost, and Febreze combo. When True smelled it for the first time, she said, “Mommy, it smells like oranges and grapes!” Well, it doesn’t really, I think she just  associated the colors to those scents, but it really did smell exceptionally good. I really like the simplicity of the pod and how you can just fling it in; it is definitely something my girls can do!

We aren’t allowance givers as we want the girls to learn that money needs to be earned and is not just given. Depending the task, their starting rate is 50 cents, so they also enjoy helping out because it gives them a chance to earn some money. In addition, I use these times to do “math talk” throughout the day. Money has been such a hard concept for them to learn, but with them earning it, it really helps them understand the different values and and how to add it up. They do have some responsibilities that must be done weekly without getting paid (e.g., cleaning their room), but laundry (and a few others) are paid jobs for now.

These girls are definitely way ahead of me when I was their age, as I didn’t learn how to do the laundry until my last couple years of college. I know, I know. It just wasn’t something my parents taught me, but I did start cleaning bathrooms when I was 10. The only reason I did end up learning was because I was about to leave to study abroad in London (and would have to do it on my own when I got there), so my mom (or maybe it was Ben) finally taught me how to do the laundry. Better late than never, right?!

Since they started helping out with laundry a few months ago, we no longer have lingering piles of clothes to be washed or put away. I love it! Keeping this house running and organized is really a team effort for us. We all work together to do our jobs! This mom is definitely thankful for how her girls are excited to be active contributors to our home. They are little, but everything they do really goes a long way!

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16 comments on “the little ones make a big difference”

  • Emily Baker says:

    i love how the girls are so independent! i really wanna try the little pod things. was just talking about it with my mother yesterday on the phone!

  • Lin says:

    Hahahjaha. We didn’t even do our own laundry in London! #weweresospoiled

    • Rubyellen says:

      Hey! We did for like the first month, but we figured out it was costing us more with us doing it on our own, so it was smarter to save money and have the laundromat do it! hahaha

  • Naomi says:

    our kiddos are doing laundry too this year . . . (why didn’t I start sooner with that!?) They listen to their Spanish audio books while they fold, and that tricks them into feeling like it’s a treat 🙂 I really find that this is one of the benefits of homeschooling for us – we have time to incorporate life skills in our daily schedule .

  • nikki says:

    i think it’s so great you let them contribute around the house! they will definitely grow up to be independent women!


  • Mine are separating the colors too. But they are still a little bit young to fold it, but so looking forward that they do it ! And definitely washing the dishes too : ) !

  • Sharyl says:

    I. Love. This! I take my laundry quite seriously and I wish one day this baby boy of mine will be as good at doing and putting away laundry as his mommy and daddy.

  • Sally says:

    Ugh … you clearly have not read up on the Pods … so not impressed with this post regardless of the sponsorship. Boo.

    • Rubyellen says:

      Would love to hear your experience with it. I’m going off of our several washes with it and it’s turned out well for us, but I’m sure others would love to hear your personal experience with it if it hasn’t turned out well for you.

      Thank you for leaving a comment even if it wasn’t in favor of the post, your honesty is appreciated!

      • Anne says:

        Not sure if her concern is the safety aspect? I saw a report a while back that lots of poison control centers were getting calls on kids ingesting them, as they are cute and colorful and look like candy. They are so concentrated they are more hazardous than normal detergent. I think they just need to be kept away from really young kids (like my 2 year old who just had an urgent care trip due to stuffing a popcorn kernel up his nose), to prevent them from getting poisoned, like any other cleaners out there.

        • rubyellen says:

          You could be right! I could see how kids would think of it as candy, but thankfully I keep all those dangerous things out of their reach and they only get the pod when I’m watching them. Glow’s always sticking up O’s up her nose! hahaha but it freaks me out!

  • Sini says:

    Good job! It’s really good that kids learn these things early. My parents used same method too,then at school in elementary school we had household classes where we had to learn doing landry too, cook etc. This is in Finland though. . 🙂

  • Frederique says:

    Wonderful post as always! I am totally gonna try to teach my daughter to fold and put away her clothes! I also haven’t learned how to do my own laundry until WAY late, my Mom spoiled us:) I hope you don’t even think twice about the negative comment above. One must be a very sad person to take the time to write such a comment, if you don’t like a blog, it is quite easy: don’t read it!!! Thanks for your inspiring and always very honest blog!

  • How amazing that you have your own washing machine and dryer!! We go to a laundromat near our home and when we get back home the boys sort the socks for me and match them up (though my 5 year old likes mismatching socks sometimes so that is a bit difficult at times to do). It is definitely good to instill responsibilities and workloads that are small at an early age so they can put it into practice when they are grown.

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