September 3, 2012

the whole world in her handsBrave came home from enrichment classes last week with a little clay model of the Earth. She was so proud and loved telling me about the crust, mantle, and inner & outer core. She was proud to have the whole world in her hands.

This week’s learned and links…

Soul really has taken to using the potty. I am amazed!

Want this diagonal color blocked door.

Had dinner with Elsie and Emma while they were in town and this duo is utterly sweet and lovely. I hope my girls have a sister bond like them one day.

Peanut Butter Crispy Treats?! Um… yes!!!

Love this matchstick bracelet set!

Love how Kelli made her A-frame tent using my tutorial as a guide. There’s also this one that I just did.

True and Brave have both been reading more lately. It makes me happy to hear them reading!

Definitely will do a project with scratch off stickers… so cool!

The message yesterday at our church family gathering was a good reminder… don’t be a hoarder and don’t store your treasures on Earth. Sure! It’s alright to like things and get nice things, but watch where you heart is.

I can hardly believe it is already September. Anyone else feel they are racing with time? So much to do, but not enough time!

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  • Mariana says:

    I love this post from start to finish; Brave’s Earth looks beautiful, all those links looks and sounds great and the most I love this message about our heart.

    Have a wonderful September!!

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