September 23, 2012

pretty lightsThe biggest news of the week is that Ben and I are still sick. Lame, right?! We missed out on this gal’s fun birthday party and another good friend’s daughter’s 1st birthday. I mostly feel bad for our girls who have just been cooped up at home. I can’t wait for this weather to cool down and for us to feel better so that we can start planning outings.

The exciting news for the week is that my vintage, cascading chandelier is finally up! I spotted this beauty in April from a gentlemen who does amazing things restoring vintage lighting and he was kind enough to save it for me while I saved my pennies. It’s now September, finally mine, and we just had an electrician install it. It totally changes the look and feel of the room to exactly what I was hoping for and it makes this new, regular suburban tract home feel like it’s an old home with character. Our house has new and decent bones and a layout we love, now we are just working slowly to change out the cheap standards home builders give and are filling it up with details that make it perfectly fit for us. If you live in a tract home and are discouraged by the cookie cutter style your home has, don’t lose hope, you really could infuse it with a lot of character yourself! All it takes is a little imagination (and saving some pennies).

Really though, all this stuff is just stuff and ultimately still won’t make you happy. There are tons of people living in their “dream” homes that are still supremely unhappy and left wanting something else. It’s the truth. I’ve said it before and I will say it again because we need to be reminded often, don’t let reading blogs or looking at instagram make you unhappy. Read and admire with appreciation and not with a coveting heart. I have to do heart checks with myself often.

This week’s learned and links…

My girls would rather make things than watch a movie.

Glow is an eating machine. Each meal she feels 5 lbs. heavier. OH! And she took a step!

We’re making these paint chip animals soon!

This locket makes me go WOW!

Paint dipped pinecones?!! Genius!

Bummer. We didn’t win the ray-ban giveaway, another blog won. I so wanted to win to get Ben, give one to a blog friend, and pair and give a pair to one of you! Sorry guys.

Digital polaroid camera. Cool! Reminds me I need to order more polaroid film.

I am loving reading all your comments regarding homeschooling. I don’t have time to go read the blog of everyone who comments, but I love (and appreciate) you sharing your stories here. We all do what we feel is best for our families and at the same can learn from the experiences of others. We all have a variety of experiences and can learn a tremendous deal from listening and critiquing (in a positive way) one another. If we have someone just telling us good things about ourselves and applauding our every move, we will never grow and learn how to improve and be better. There are always ways to be a better person, friend, partner, teacher, and parent (runner, cook, you name it, there is always room for improvement!). We just have to open (and humble) ourselves to listening to others, even if we don’t agree with them.

4 comments on “huzzah!”

  • krista says:

    you are a perfect reflection of something i am working on at this particular moment:
    remembering to do the heart checks.
    i noticed it when blogs i frequented started making me feel inferior, lacking, less of a mother. and i am intelligent enough to know that this is completely about me and has nothing to do with another’s curated blog content or instagram feed. (i mean, seriously, my instagram feed makes my life look like unicorns and rainbows shine out of every corner.)
    thank you for the reminder to be open with my heart, to leave my insecurities at the door, to remember that we’re all doing our best in this big, beautiful, and messy world.
    and thank you, also, for the inspiration you provide for me.

    • mycakies says:

      yes, heart checks are a must in the blog world. it’s a beautiful place but also a dangerous place. and like you said, everything is curated, never a complete representation of that whole. a lot of the people you read about go through the same trials and struggles you do, though that may not be portrayed online. many hugs to you!

  • misha lulu says:

    Isn’t it cool when you save for something you really want and you finally get it, it makes you aprreciate it more!

  • Oh wow. My husband used to love his Polaroid camera and I used to have fun with my brother’s when I was little. . .but film is expensive and hard to come by for the old ones. That is great about the new one, but of course the film is still costly. ugh. The pinecone project is really cute. My sons made pinecone animals like turkeys and owls last year around this time of year and it was so much fun. Paint dipped cones seem fun as well as paper animals.

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