Glow turns one

October 8, 2012

glow turns one!glow turns one!Glow turns oneGlow turns oneGlow turns oneGlow turns oneGlow turns oneGlow turns oneGlow turns oneGlow turns oneGlow turns oneglow turns one!glow turns one!glow turns one!Glow turns oneGlow turns oneGlow turns oneGlow turns oneHer birthday was almost a month ago and I am just finally getting around to sharing it. We did a party 2 weeks before her actual birthday (post to come), but on her actual birthday we just went to the beach as a family, had a picnic, and played. We were the only people on the beach for a bit, and then even when people came, it was just a couple or two. It was such a beautiful day. All the girls loved playing in the sand and Glow was so content to just sit there and watch.

I packed us some sandwiches and baked mini banana bread, one with nuts (True’s allergic) and one without, and that’s how we sang Happy Birthday! Glow goes bananas about bananas, so I thought she would like banana bread. Nope. She didn’t. At least she liked the sandwich and the tomatoes we packed!

I can hardly believe it’s been a year since she was born. It went by so fast! It always happens that way, doesn’t it?! She’s such a little joy and so easy! She doesn’t walk yet and her mode of operation of late has been bear crawling everywhere. She’s doesn’t always want food from mama anymore and she gets really excited about her Papi. All the sisters dote on her incessantly and we all love her so, so much. We are so thankful for this year God has given her! She definitely is the completer of the little Ben-Ruby collection. I think this family outing was the perfect way to celebrate our littlest love!

19 comments on “Glow turns one”

  • melody says:

    I am in LOVE these photos! Glow on the beach with her crown, so perfect! you look so beautiful in the picture with glow too… so classy and elegant! <3

  • Aaaww, looks like fun! The beach and babies, just the best!

  • sini says:

    Beautiful shots! How you find that empty beach? I would love that! At beach season here people are packed there like sardines in a can.

  • misha lulu says:

    happy Birthday Glow! big hugs and kisses from us!

  • Jen says:

    Oh my goodness, that last family picture is adorable!! What a fun birthday for Glow! I love the beaches up here in Seattle in September because they’re way less crowded too 🙂 though not nearly as warm as the ones in CA!

  • Anna says:

    LOVE your outfit!! Looks like you had a great family day xx

  • Misty says:

    Awww, happy birthday, baby Glow!

  • everything. perfect. It looks like you might need to get some of these enlarged!!

  • Mari says:

    Awww…congrats to Glow:-) Lovely family and lovely pics as always!

  • Jessica G. says:

    Your family is so stinking adorable!

  • kiki says:

    These are the sweetest photos! I really love the family photo, the photo of you + your girls, and then the last photo of Glow. I love Glow’s little gold crown, definitely a cute little birthday touch. I’m a huge fan of family outings and love this idea for a little one’s birthday. So simple and full of fun memories.

  • Sarah W says:

    This looks like such a wonderful day! I love all of your sandwiches wrapped in the checked paper, and Glow looks so sweet in her birthday crown!

  • Auping says:

    What a wonderfull pictures of a wonderfull day!

  • Halima says:


  • Ana says:

    I love these pictures! My favorite is the one of you and glow with the view of the ocean! I love your bathing suit I have the same one, too.

  • What a wonderful time. I love her little crown on her head. It is hard when babies turn one, I think, just because they won’t remember it and don’t understand really why everyone is going all crazy around them in celebration. haha. Your kids are so precious to one another in these shots. I am sure there weren’t that great of moments at times though. We have beach dramas because my 3 year old doesn’t really like the water so he gets moody.

  • Crystal says:

    Sweet and adorable!

  • tricia says:

    happy birthday to beautiful, sweet Glow! you have the most amazing family. i’m so insanely jealous! not in a “green and angry with envy” kind of way, in an admiration/love kind of way. we have two boys, henry and ezra, six and almost two. i’ve been trying to get pregnant for a few months, but ezra is still nursing and my body is refusing to do both. it makes me so sad, i really was so excited to have our next two closer in age. anyway, just wanted to say happy birthday to glow and tell you that i’m so in awe of you as a mama and just as a human being. you’ve got it all, lady.

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