out to school: 2/8

October 24, 2012

schoolschoolThe other day, Ben and I heard Brave talking to True and she kept calling her “big sister” to get her attention. That made us both smile at each other. She is indeed her big sister, but not by much, so it was so sweet to hear her refer to her big sister in such an endearing way. It was also probably the tone of Brave’s voice because out of the four girls, she is by far the most sensitive and affectionate and she’s just all around sweetness.

These girls are growing so quickly. There was a moment when I was in the second grade and sitting in the back of my grandpa’s car with my oldest cousin and my grandparents were in the front seat. They were talking to my cousin, who was probably in middle school at the time, and telling her that she was so grown and that she would be grown up really soon. I vividly remember thinking to myself, “Hey! How about me?! I’m almost grown up too!” I remember that moment so clearly because distinctly remember my thought process of how I thought I was right up there ready for adult hood. Silly me and how wrong I was as I was barely just starting life, but at that time I felt so grown. And now when I am out and I see teenagers, I think of them as such babies who still have so much to learn and live, but they probably think they’re adults. It’s funny how our views changed based on our point of reference.

My girls swear they are never getting married and never leaving us, and that they are staying with us forever. They said they would even sign a document to make it legal and binding. If anyone knows where I can find that document, please send that my way!

on true: dress and leggings, misha lulu. shoes, thrifted. on brave: shirt, vintage. shorts, misha lulu. shoes, vintage.

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  • Jozen says:

    How “true” is that! When I look back, we got engaged at 23 and I think to myself, what were we thinking? We were so young! Lol

    Pia calls Zoë “at at”, when she was younger she had a hard time pronouncing “ate” which means big sister in Filipino. I’m sure she can pronounce it now, but we find it endearing and don’t have the heart to correct her.

  • once you have that document, send it my way! my little boy is almost 5 months and sometimes I just stare at him and have to remind myself that he isn’t mine. he’s the Lord’s first, always…but one day he’ll probably have a wife, and i’ll have to prepare my heart for that. (lol, i know i’m starting early ;))

  • Sarah says:

    So cute! My three boys often discuss how only the youngest (age 3) is getting married and they’ll build a house to all live together, including a house for my husband and I. Yes, I must get this in writing too so if you find those documents please let me know! My babies aren’t going anywhere!!

  • María says:

    Hi! I absolutely love your page and posts, you’re such a wonder mommy!!! I just wanted to say congratulations for your site and that you’ve got a beautiful family! 🙂

  • Olivia says:

    You’re so lucky to have these beautiful girls :)) Nice blog, by the way.

  • paket umroh says:

    they are very sweet

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