October 23, 2012

wishlistThe BFF reminded me that I never made a wish list this year, but I was seriously stuck. I feel so blessed and thankful for all that I have, it almost feels criminal to want more. Actually, it probably is. There must always be a fine line between admiring and wanting. I love to admire things, but have to catch myself when my admiration becomes strong wants for things I don’t really need. There must always be a balance. It’s a constant battle to find it. I struggle with this a lot, hence I have been staying away from some of my favorite fashion blogs for the past week.

So here I am making a list, not because I need these things, but because they’re pretty things to be admired and I like sharing pretty things. And maybe just maybe, one of you need a bag, and this cute one is what you had in mind or maybe you need some boots for the Fall and these glitter ones are adorable. I did send the baby sister a wish list to share with my parents earlier in the month (we always give each other wish lists to show to our parents) and this (and this) locket were pretty much all I sent. I’ve gotta say that my top two faves from the list is the locket and the boots. Again, not necessities, but just some pretty things to day dream about. And if the parents or the siblings decide to surprise me with any of these things, well, I can’t say I wouldn’t jump in excitement because I would.

Ben actually had a little present for me (it’s a basic white button down, a good staple), but he ended up giving it me early as a sweet little de-stresser surprise, so now he says he’s stuck. I told him not to get anything because if we do go on our little road trip to San Francisco, that was a good enough present. Thank you for all the San Francisco suggestions thus far and keep them coming if you have any! Also, we probably aren’t bringing the kids so your suggestions don’t necessarily have to be kid friendly. Ben and I are ready to relax together and explore.

1. locket / 2. pillow / 3. boots / 4. bag / 5. earrings

6 comments on “wishing”

  • anne says:

    The lu-huv of my life and I met while working at Bette’s on 4th Street in Berkeley. The diner and the to-go are sure things. Great food. Great owners. Rick (Rick and Ann’s) worked there before he opened his place. Also, Hayes Vally in SF. Go to the soul food place. Legit. Don’t forget Ikes for sandwiches. Or just ride MUNI and BART for the real deal. That’s how you experience a city!

  • jane says:

    i love your wishlists cuz they help me, too! 🙂 your birthday is already coming? where did the time go! and you are so lucky to get to go to sf with ben… i wanna go somewhere. without my kids. but sadly, i cannot. haha! not yet, at least!

    let’s play soon!

  • jozen says:

    i struggle with “needs” vs “wants” all the time too ruby! and with online shopping so easy, it makes shopping so much more accessible! people don’t even need to leave the comfort of their own home.

    love the boots! picked up a grey pair from anthro a few weeks ago while i was in nyc.

  • Liz says:

    I was just talking about wanting vs needing the other day too!! It is such an inner battle for me. I am so happy I am not alone with this.

  • Anna says:

    Love all the things you picked out. I think it’s totaly OK to pick out some wants on your birthday!! xx

  • paket umroh says:

    I also hope to have it

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