our very own mock election

November 6, 2012

our mock electionour mock electionour mock electionour mock electionour mock electionour mock electionour mock electionour mock electionour mock electionour mock electionour mock electionIn honor of election day here in the U.S., yesterday we held our own mock election (the girls are at enrichment classes today, so we did it a day early) and made our own little polling booth and ballots. We have been working on memorizing all the presidents in order and have been discussing the role of the president and what an election is all about. Of course, True and Brave are still so young, so they don’t understand it entirely, but it’s good to start exposing them to it and try to engage them in discussions about it. This is real world stuff that they will eventually be a part of and have a say in, and I want them to learn how to be actively engaged in their community and government (something Ben and I definitely need to work on and model for them).

The girls were pretty excited to go into the “booth,” cast their own vote, and then tally up the votes afterwards. It wasn’t that hard since there were only two votes to count, but I think they get the gist of what voting is all about. Most importantly, they know it is their job as citizens to help and they can help by casting their vote. Okay, it doesnt’ really count just yet, but they’re learning and one day it will count for real. It’s a privilege to vote and I hope that they will understand it and be responsible enough one day to make their own informed decisions.

Tomorrow, Ben and I will take them with us when we put in our vote. They will actually get to see firsthand what really goes on and based on their own experience of yesterday, they will enrich their understanding of voting and the election even more. I also told them that no matter who is in office, even if we love ’em or hate ’em, it is also our responsibility as citizens to support and pray for our leaders that they would do the best they can and bear the responsibility of taking the course which he/she feels they ought to take, just as spoken by Abraham Lincoln.

Happy Election day folks! Today should be interesting…

P.S. I don’t really recommend that “So You Want to Be President?” book (pictured above) because of how it paints vegetables in a bad light in one part, and though it’s somewhat informative, it is much too wordy, and I am sure there are much better books out there. We just happen to have that one in our stash.

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  • jessica says:

    Oh wow, I absolutely LOVE this! The love and warmth you have for your family is tremendous and I appreciate how you share. Wish the school I worked at got into the election process, sure our kiddos are really small but it is never to early or enrichment!


  • Very cute and a very great idea to help them learn about the country. . .but there are more people on the ballot than just the two!!
    Anyway, It is good that they have been memorizing the presidents. I don’t even know all of them anymore. >.<
    That is so strange about that book doing that with the veggies! haha. I think it is actually a part of my sons' curriculum but we haven't started on the presidents right now, just the pilgrims and why they decided to come to our country (we learned about Leif Erikson, Columbus, & the Settlers like John Smith & Pocahontas before this. . then it starts to go into our country's history. I use the Beautiful Feet history curriculum). I think your girls are far more advanced for their age than the rest of the kids their age!!! They are amazing!!

    • mycakies says:

      I know. I debated putting the rest of the names on the ballot, but I thought for simplicity sake we will just go with the two. We left out voting for a lot of propositions too! Though we did talk about it.

      I wouldn’t say my girls are advanced, I think it just depends the curriculum and how it paces certain levels. The election and president learning is not in our curriculum, but I just think it’s important for them to know the leaders and since it’s election time, it’s the best time to teach it and let them see it in action. we’ll do it again in four years and I’m sure they will learn even more drawing from the past experience about it. I think it’s important for learning to be experienced instead of just memorized and studied and that will help aid in their understanding.

  • manda says:

    I think when you are that young you seem to care a lot regarding the presidents and learn a lot more than when you get older. But it’s good they see how things really are.

  • Sara says:

    I love the fact that you are teaching them that no matter who’s in office they are our leader and you need to pray and trust them. I think that is something more people need to be doing. Love you blog!
    Much love,

  • Rebekah says:

    Love this idea.

  • ira lee says:

    my son (7) is also excited about elections. im taking him with me to vote today after work. our preacher was right on when he said ‘it doesnt matter who is in the white house because jesus is on the throne” and boy is he right. politics are such a hot topic and people are easily offended by other peoples opinions. if we live our life as christians, we are surronding ourselves and our children with what matters most.

  • How adorable is this idea. I love incorporating children into big events so they know what’s going on.

  • Khanh says:

    This is so awesome, i’m so impress on how you get the girls involved in the process of voting at a young age. it’s fun for them to play grown up as well. so proud with both of you. as always, thank you for sharing.

  • Sarah M says:

    This is so great! Thanks for sharing.
    Sarah M

  • Christine says:

    so awesome. wish I could send my kids to your homeschool lol

  • frances says:

    Great idea! I’m totally doing this with the kids right now because they just asked if they can vote…Why not, RB says 🙂 Rock memorized all the presidents last year but he needs to be brushed up on them again so this can help. Thanks RB!

  • leire says:

    Great idea! Why did you include the name field in rhe ballot?

  • Orchid Grey says:

    I’m a bit biased, because it was illustrated by a friend, but I recommend “What Does the President Look Like” by Jane Hampton Cook. It’s easy to read, informative, and fun to look at.

    I think your mock election was a fantastic idea, it was great to see so many kids out with their families at the polls today!

  • Sami says:

    duck for president by doreen cronin is great for younger kids so is my teacher for president by kay winters : )

  • Andria says:

    I love your voting booth! I also think it’s sweet that you take a book to task for “painting vegetables in a bad light.” That just made me laugh. I can tell that you have a nutritionist husband 🙂

  • Laura Herrmann says:

    Love this! We had an election watch party & practiced math facts while adding up electoral college votes :).

  • Bryn says:

    You are SUCH a good mommy! I also think it’s so awesome that you openly discuss your love for Jesus. He truly is good.

  • Dina says:

    I had hoped to teach this to my kids but my material that I ordered from the states got delayed and didn’t make it in time! 🙁 wish I would have thought of this homemade voting booth! filing it away for the next election. you did a phenomenal job taking history and making it your own through your crafty teaching…kudos!

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