family meals: week 31

December 8, 2012

family mealsfamily mealsWhole Wheat Spaghetti with Swiss Chard and Pecorino Cheese. I highly recommend this pasta. It’s easy, has vegetables, and so tasty. Next time, I would triple (or even quadruple!) the amount of swiss chard it calls for to get even more vegetables in. I didn’t add the red pepper in the sauce since I knew the kids would be eating this, but we just sprinkled it on our own plates instead. I also cooked some dijon mustard and rosemary marinated chicken breast, since the dish didn’t have any protein and I knew we would need it. It was a good combo.

family mealsBreaded Fish Tacos with Cabbage and Roasted Serrano Peppers and Onions. For the breading, I used panko bread crumbs, cornmeal, parmesan cheese, and salt. First dip the fish in egg, then coat with breading, then lightly pan fry. The best part, for spice lovers like us, is the thinly sliced onions and serranos sprinkled with salt and lightly coated with oil that was roasted in the oven. That spice goes so good with fish tacos. Yum!

family mealsCrunchy Turkey Tacos. This is how I ate tacos growing up… in crunchy shell. Ben isn’t a fan of the crunchy taco shell and he had his with whole wheat tortillas.

family meals: phoVietnamese Chicken Pho. This time I added a bundle of cilantro in the broth while it cooked (as suggested by Joycie here). It was good, but maybe because I’m no pro and it all taste good to me, I couldn’t really tell the difference too much. Either way, I love pho!

family mealsPaella Valenciana. This was my 2nd reader’s recipe to try and we loved it. Paella sounds intimidating, but it really isn’t. Definitely doing this again! And I highly recommend you trying it out too!

Week 12/10 – 12/14
Monday: Homemade Pizza
Tuesday: Ben’s Birthday Dinner!
Wednesday: Cod with Herbed White Wine Lemon Sauce with Roasted Cauliflower Risotto
Thursday: Chicken with Artichokes and Angel Hair
Friday: Sushi or Pizza Night!

If you’ve got a good recipe to share, I would love to try it! What has been your most favorite thing for dinner lately?

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