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December 13, 2012

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stockingstuffersUsually, stocking stuffers are a last minute thing for me, despite having all my Christmas shopping usually done by October! Then, when it’s the day before Christmas Eve, all these little ideas trickle into my mind of what to put in them, but with time constraints, I always just say,”Oh, I’ll do it next year!”

Well, next year is here and this time I am not waiting until the last minute. Ben usually always puts a piece of fresh fruit in all our stockings (he is a true dietitian after all). I usually get an Asian pear, which is one of my favorites. Though the thing I am most excited about is putting in a disposable camera in each of the girls’ stockings (not Glow’s). I want them to be able to take pictures of whatever they want on Christmas. I think those pictures would be so precious and that disposable camera thing is something I want to start doing every year in their stockings. Along with that and a fresh fruit, here are a few other healthy and engaging ideas for kids…

1. Just Blueberries. This is one of our favorite dried fruit companies. Or we may also just pick up a package or two from Trader Joe’s and stick that in. Besides a piece of fresh fruit, we typically also put in a package of dried fruit.

2. Washi Tape. The girls love to steal my washi tape, so I got them some of their own to use for their decorating pleasure.

3. Disposable Camera. I can’t wait to see the memories they capture on their own. This will be a new yearly tradition for sure!

4. Just Veggies. If you’re going to give them some fruit, make sure to add some veggies!

5. Brita Bottle for Kids. We don’t have a filtration system and have always used a Brita pitcher to filter our water, so I was pretty excited to team up with Brita to share with you their kids bottle. We’re all definitely big water drinkers in our home! The girls have some bottles they bring with them to school, but it’s always leaking through their lunch pails, so I think I want to give this one a try!

6. Story Doodles Place Mats. This is a such a fun way to engage kids (and families) at the dinner table. I think creating stories together is a great way to make memories. Roll it up to stuff it in the stocking!

7. Crayon Rocks. These little crayons are so easy to whip out when they want to color and draw. We’ve used them in the past, but I think it’s time for a refill.

The girls are so excited for Christmas and I need to start wrapping presents! Most of our Christmas decorations are up, but there are just a couple more things I want to add. We all love this time of year and getting to experience the joy in scheming to surprise loved ones with things you know they will appreciate and love! Do you do stocking stuffers? If so, I would love to hear what kinds of things you put in!

7 comments on “stocking stuffers for kids!”

  • jen says:

    i have done my daughter’s stocking for the first time this year! it’s the first year she actually knows what’s going on and can appreciate a stocking! my mum always always included a toothbrush and satsuma in our stockings so i am for sure doing that for this year! although i’ve got Bella an exciting light up hello kitty toothbrush, and i’ve just got her a few stickers and a notepad and magnets…little stuff like that! i totally love your disposable camera idea though, may have to add that as an extra stocking filler! Xx

  • alison says:

    I love your simple and cute ideas! You always have crafts/recipes/ideas that are definitely attainable and creative! I love the stocking tips. Thanks!

  • Sharyl says:

    Growing up in the Philippines, we never really did stockings and stuffers. Last month, one of my cousins mentioned that she’s never had a stocking before, even as a child. So this gave me an idea to make all of my cousins (they are all girls) stockings this christmas and stuff them with…makeup! well, i put other things too like chocolate, nail polish, and cute tights. I might actually put a fresh fruit in there too, because I honestly did not think of that! (shame on me!)

  • What a darling list! LOVE the disposable camera idea, I think I’m going to try that out for sure. I found some Bejewelled Crayons at Target and they are adorable, those are going in the stocking, as well as eeBoo’s Carnival Glue, it’s so pretty! I also found a tiny box of gingerbread cookies at Cost Plus that come in a teeny tiny gingerbread house paper box, so cute.

  • merideth a. says:

    i love this idea!! disposable cameras. eeeek!! i am so doing this and soooo excited! thank you. and merry Christmas.

  • Nicole says:

    My family has always done stocking stuffers. My parents like putting snacks and other practical things in our stockings, but my favorite items have always been the quirky things. I would have loved a disposable camera!!

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