January 21, 2013

chairOh yes. That chair is my newest addition. I have been searching for it at the flea markets and craigslist for awhile now and once I saw it pop up, I asked Ben immediately, and after his approval, snatched it up. Chairs are better than chocolate and I think chairs might even be better than shoes! And I really do love chocolate and shoes so much! Chairs are definitely not better than God though. Nothing could top that. I will admit that I battle making other things my idols above God. Definitely struggle with that a whole lot. Sometimes I think a clean house is better than God, well behaved children are better than God, or even a good blog post is better than God. Honestly though, putting my joy in all those things won’t really satisfy me one bit. My house will get messy, my children will disobey, and honestly, as much as I love blogs, life is a whole lot bigger than a blog. Living life merely for the internet is really pointless.

Maybe this rambling is due to the fact that I’m feeling mess stress and day dreaming about having a clean house right now. As I was cleaning (and not with a happy heart), Brave came down and said, “Mommy, blessed be the name of the Lord.” I’m no perfect mama and sometimes with all the things I have on my plate, some things are just bound to get messy and I have to learn to deal. Brave was right though, I need to sing that even in my time of frustrations.

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

True and Brave do really well with reading and writing. I love the stories they come up with their free writes.

Glow doesn’t talk yet, but she’s starting to mumble a whole lot lately.

Misha Lulu’s new spring line is coming out tomorrow and you can see my girlies in some of the new photos. Her collections are always good!

I haven’t been back to my regular meal planning, but I need to soon because I hate being clueless once 5:30pm rolls around.

Lovely Lark asked me a few questions and you can check it out here.

I’m so sad that Fringe ended. I loved that show and will definitely miss it. But I am so excited that The Walking Dead is coming back soon! That show rules!

Love my BFF’s quick little encouragement post on marriage. I really want to read the Tim Keller book called The Meaning of Marriage.

I have been blasting Sara Dee lately. Love her music!

Thankful for Ben. He puts up with me when I’m being crazy!

I’m ready to relax for the night, but I am going to attempt to clean up a bit to aid my sanity for tomorrow. The big kids are at school and I have a long to do list, which never seems to end, so I want to try and karate chop that list goodbye tomorrow.

7 comments on “huzzah!”

  • Jordan says:

    Oh man, I hear yea- my dishwasher is broken! I must wash 7 loads of dishes, by hand, a day. And that’s on top of picking up the everyday messes. Yikes! I’ve heard of Tim Keller’s book and have recently read John Piper’s This Momentary Marriage- so great. Talks about the Theology behind marriage and our roles as leader submitter. There is a free download at Desiring God, I read the whole thing on my phone, I’m surprised I’m not cross eyed! 🙂

  • Jenni says:

    love this post! love the chair, and the honesty. It is sad but true that way to much comes before the Lord with all of us, even a blog…..

  • Mandi says:

    I totally understand. Sometimes I get too preoccupied with planning the next move,whether it be for our home, my wardrobe, next craft project… I lose sight of seeking God’s plan for my life. Ruby, I really love how you’ve been interjecting your faith into your blog so much recently. 🙂

  • melissa says:

    Thank you for speaking up- it’s just one of the reasons I appreciate your blog so much. You are right! When I put my to do list items ahead of time with God (especially chasing the messes around the house 10x a day), I’m actually acting like my agenda is more important. I am easily caught up in these things. I constantly need to re-evaluate my time and source of joy. Thank you for speaking out.
    p.s. Keller’s book on marriage is awesome and eye-opening. I recommend it.

  • melissa says:

    p.s. that is so precious what Brave said to you while you were cleaning. too sweet.

  • Heather R. says:

    I LOVE the title of this blog post…I agree: chairs are way better than chocolate.

    One of the things I have enjoyed about Cakies is the honesty and transparency. Life is messy and imperfect and you are very honest about your frustrations or kids’ toys everywhere and messy closets. I love that. It’s real and authentic, just like a real life home of 4 girls.

    You’re doing great and you set a good example for the rest of the internets.

  • Me says:

    “Chairs are definitely not better than God though.”

    stop buying more and more stuff. please.

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