March 24, 2013

spring breakWe’re on spring break this week… yippee! It really isn’t too different, since we homeschool, but at least it’s a bit more relaxed of a schedule, we can do some outings, and I can clean! The idea of cleaning sounds really fun right now. Am I boring or what? Maybe it’s because I know with cleaning comes decorating and I love rearranging things! So fun!

This week’s learned, link, and thankfulness…

I always mean to get this post up on Friday or Saturday, but once the weekend hits, I try not to be online. Plus we spent all of Saturday working in the backyard. I love working with Ben on the yard and having the girls just playing all around us.

Glow can say, “My shoes,” at least it sounded like it, and “Mommy!” a whole lot more these days. She tries to do everything her sisters do and as a result gets hurt a lot. I have a feeling that’s common with the baby in a family.

Ben went to a sleep disorder class and learned a lot of interesting things about sleep! He totally drew a sleep cycle chart for me on our bathroom mirror.

I want to bake this.

Erika’s parties are always amazing!

Thankful for my church family. We’re all a bunch of non-perfect people sharing life together and I’m thankful for the grace God pours out.

Excited I was able to do some slight furniture rearranging downstairs.

We will no doubt have some fun little adventures this week. I already have one planned for tomorrow with a friend. I’m excited!!! Spring break… we’re glad you’re finally here!

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