another quick pillow

March 25, 2013

pillowpillowa clean roomAwhile back a friend gave me some of her husband clothes from South Africa and I’m finally getting around to using it, so I turned it into a pillow. I guess I’ve been on a pillow sewing thing of late, but it’s a quick way to scratch the I-want-to-sew-something-itch. I’m still stuck on the arrangement of pillows on our little bed turned couch, but this will do for now.

I’m thankful for the internet because there is always an overflow of good ideas. I love Rachel’s light solution and her amazingness of a rug. This tassel chandelier is so vibrant and I’d totally love to make a quilt like this, and this one just seems great for teaching faces and corners of shapes. What are some of your favorite ideas that are floating in the internet right now?

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