April 13, 2013

swimmin'This week has been filled with days outside in the backyard, lots of cooking, lots of homeschooling, and mama project completing. I’m particularly excited about my project completing (my project lists never seem to end) so I can take the girls field tripping. I kind of miss being bored.

The week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Soul loves swimming! At home, she wears her bathing suit all day, every day.

Glow can now say, “May I be excused please?” When she’s done eating and wants to leave the table. Well, it sounds more like, “May-I-B-Cue-P?”

True’s been reading one Junie B. Jones book a day! That girl loves to read!

I just bought Me & Mr. Cassidy’s new EP release here. So good!

My girls love pretending they have an iphone with an old calculator, so I know they would definitely love this wood phone a lot!

Kiwi Crate sent a box over and we can’t wait to try it out!

This parody on Taylor Swift’s 22 is funny! Made Ben and me laugh. Thanks for sharing Joanna!

I wear this necklace almost everyday. It goes with everything!

I really like this post by SF Girl By Bay about the pressures of social media. I like to be as open as I can be in this space because I never want to deceive anybody. Online lives are definitely very much edited to mostly show the pretty, so never think of yourself as inadequate compared to what you see online. Rachel also did a really good real life post here. And well, you already know about my f-bombing day too. Blogging is such a weird phenomenon.

I’m really thankful for the weekend. I love the weekends!!! Don’t you?

5 comments on “huzzah!”

  • Kelly says:

    Hi there! Have you or your girls ever read the “Clarice Bean” series by Lauren Childs? She also writes “Charlie & Lola” but the Clarice Bean chapter books are so much fun!

    • mycakies says:

      They haven’t! I’m sure they would love it! Definitely going to order those! Thank you for sharing.

  • giulia says:

    i’m so happy your kids like swimming. i’m a synchronized swimmer and have been in swimming classes since i was 16 days. but my three younger brothers hated it and are not swimmers at all. so i get so excited that there’s hope in this world, new little kids that enjoy swimming:)

  • Amanda says:

    Been seeing the swimming pictures, so cute! Ty for sharing the 32 video! Funny!

  • Edeline says:

    Hey! I was wondering what type of editing apps do you use to edit your photos on Instagram? Thanks!!

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