out to school: 2/14

April 22, 2013

TWIN DAYTWIN DAYTWIN DAYThese two are twins, born a year apart. True was only 6 months when I found out I was pregnant with Brave. It wasn’t planned and I was quite in shock. When we found out, I cried! In fact, I cried for a whole week! Here I was this new mom who was just getting used to having 1 baby and then here I was about to have another. I had no clue how I was going to handle TWO babies!!! It was an insane time for us. As crazy as it was for it to happen that way, I’m so glad it did. These two are built-in best friends.

They had Twin Day at school and they were so excited about it. I kind of was too. I have fond memories of planning with friends at school about what we were going to wear for Twin Day. It usually involved a white t-shirt and similar overalls (and the same bubble necklace). That’s a close as we got because we didn’t really have the same things. True and Brave have a lot of the same things (or Soul has them), so the ability to get everything exactly the same was easy peasy. Brave just happened to wear Soul’s dress and shirt and they had different colored sandals, but by golly, they were twins indeed.

If you want built-in best friends, I highly recommend having your kids a year apart! I will warn you though, get ready for a lot of happy  (and scary) craziness… and if you decide to add 2 more after that who are also close in age, well, let’s just say my life is never boring!

on true and brave: dress and shirt, misha lulu. leggings, gifted from grandmama. shoes, salt-water sandals.

11 comments on “out to school: 2/14”

  • Katie says:

    Your girls are so adorable. What beautiful little ladies!

  • Alison says:

    Cute “twins” ;). My two oldest boys are 15 months apart. I was shocked too. Life was crazy for a bit, but I’m so happy God worked things out like that!! I know have two more and one on the way! It’s crazy happiness 😉

  • Brandy Brooks says:

    Love it! My kiddos just had or are about to have there birthdays my oldest (boy) is about to turn 5 next week, but for now hes 4 and my girls are 3 & 2 both March Birthdays! I do enjoy them being so close! I was in shock when I found out when my first was 4ish months #3 was coming, but they are such great sisters! And all three are great friends!!! My youngest and your youngest seem to have similar personalities hehe!

  • Anna says:

    They are so cute. What a surprising blessing. I’m so grateful that my sister and I are 16 months apart. I’m sure these two are too!

  • lin says:

    The girls were telling me about twin day this weekend! Brave said you made her wear Glow’s shirt. hahahha

  • Sarah says:

    So true!! My oldest two boys are 19 months apart and are the best of friends. They’ve always had a built-in playmate.

  • Emily J says:

    I love it! They are so cute!! I have girls who are 22 mos apart, but since my oldest has always been on the smallish side, everyone always wonders if they are twins. They are best buds. Today, they are dressed in the same outfit… I find that at this age, they actually like wearing the same clothes and it seems to minimize unnecessary drama (not to mention it’s way easier to buy 2 of the same thing). AND, we have baby girl #3 due in 2 months… so, let me just say… you are my hero in many, many ways!!

  • Becky says:

    So sweet! I miss you Bratcher girls!

  • Kara says:

    My oldest are a year a part, I cried too when I found out. I didn’t tell anyone until I was 16 weeks because I was afraid of their reactions. Now I realize how crazy that was, there are best friends and I love having them close. My younger too are almost exactly 2 years apart. Love that all my babies are close in age and even though we get the crazy eyes from people when we have them out and about, it’s all good.

  • Dina says:

    I had just had my second and wasn’t feeling so great. Went to the dr, got some tests done. She called later and said there’s good news. Nothing wrong with you. Bad news is you’re pregnant. Turned out to be the best news since my husband finally got his boy on our daughter’s first birthday. Irish twins. We rounded out our family with the fourth so we could get lots of perplexed looks at grocery stores when we go out with our four kids born within four years. 😉

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