our dinner

May 15, 2013

dinner outsidedinner outsidedinner outsidedinner outsidedinner outsidedinner outsidedinner outsideOur dinner was mostly courtesy of our veggie garden and the weather has been so great lately, unlike the 100 degree weather we had over the weekend, that we wanted to make sure and take advantage of eating dinner outdoors. We rarely do it, but we’re trying to do it more. True and Brave are slowly taking up more responsibility during meal times. They set up the dinner table (with folded napkins too!), and it’s so cute to see them taking initiative to do so.

This week has felt calmer and I feel like I’ve had a little more clarity when it comes to dealing with the kids. I think it’s because I’ve been praying more about it and trying to trust God with it. I’m thankful for all that I get to do with these girls. Lately, I’ve been focusing on how hard mothering is that I have been failing to see how great it is. It’s a privilege that I get to spend time with my children. It’s a privilege to be able to feed their bellies and their minds with good things. It’s a privilege to laugh and just be a silly goose with these girls. The hard moments will come and go, but even with the hard parts, this whole mama deal is kinda great. I know I’m a crazy mama, but I’m their crazy mama and they’re my crazy kids.

A dinner post turned into a mothering post, and I guess I’m just strange like that. Thanks for always coming in to check my ramblings!

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