“donut” you forget…

June 12, 2013

"donut" you forget"donut" you forget"donut" you forget"donut" you forget"donut" you forget"donut" you forgetI’m a last minute teacher present planner. Maybe it’s partially because we homeschool and they only spend one day a week with another teacher other than me (so it tends to be an oversight), and partially because I’m just a procrastinator at these kinds of things. I’m totally always ahead of the game for Christmas presents for everyone, but these little here and there occasions pretty much slip by me. It’s almost always a last minute idea.

I had originally thought we could bake something, but who am I kidding, these days are busy and there was no time for that. Then, I thought we’d buy special pastries, but I really didn’t want to drive a half hour to pick them up, so our fave donut shop up the street was the way to go. I had the girls make a card with a play on words special message and there was that. Tada! Plus, presentation always makes the difference right?! So we wrapped them up in red gingham fabric and attached the cute message. Done, done, and done.

Dear teacher,
“Donut” you forget to have a great summer!

You can see here what we did last year. It was totally last minute too. Heck, we even used the same containers. Those little turquoise baskets have definitely come in handy.

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